Monday, October 27, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 8 Results: Ron ties for first place, Oat Man steady.

No winning weeks out of the Kids Club this week, in a weekend featuring a few wild finishes in both College and Pro Football.   Andy and Oat Man went 2-2.  Ron and John had losing records.    Andy is doing a pretty good job not giving up ground in the race, and Ron pulls into a tie with Ottis for first place.  Ron also wins Week 8 based on the number of previous week wins.  Here's the breakdown.

Ron in NJ (2-2) 
Hit with: Mississippi State, Bengals
Missed with: Ole Miss, Packers

The Mississippi State win was very very close!   He had the Bulldogs -13.5 and picking it early was his key to success, the line went up to -14.5 later on, which would have made Ron a loser, but getting it under 14 was *the* deciding factor.   Miss. State won by exactly 14 points.

Andy in Seattle (2-2) 
Hit with: Oregon, Patriots
Missed with: Auburn, Colts

Andy went with his home town Patriots and they came through in a big way: a dominating 51-23 home win over the Bears.

Say Hello to Ottis (1-3) 
Hit with: Michigan State
Missed with: Alabama, Bears, Seahawks

The Seahawks game was very similar to their game at Carolina last year.  Both games were decided by less than five points.  Alabama was especially disappointing for Ottis because  they had covered for a large portion of the game, but won by only 14 instead of the 18 points he needed.

John in CT (1-3) 
Hit with: Nebraska
Missed with: Oklahoma State, Lions, Jets

Hard to imagine the Jets would have put up such a miserable effort against the division rival Bills.   The Lions were down 21-0 against the Falcons and made a monster comeback to win with a last second field goal.   Final score: 23-21 Lions, so while John lost the pick, the Lions could have been blown out altogether if it were not for that furious rally.

I'd call it a "steady" week for the 'Club, and it brings our standings after 8 weeks:

Ron: 15-16-1
Ottis: 15-16-1
Andy: 13-18-1
John: 12-20

On to Week 9!

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