Monday, October 13, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 14th

Ever see that joker who drives really fast trying to wind all over the street to beat out the traffic like he has a fire up his butt?  I mean he'll drive 60 on a 40 mph road trying to be a bad ass and dodging guys like Grand Theft Auto.   Great job, jackass... congratulations on beating out *everybody*... to the red light!  Hey it just turned green, go rush to the next red light!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

You wouldn't believe what happened to my radio alarm clock yesterday.  I woke up before the alarm went off and it said it was 4:45 am... and then it felt like fifteen minutes later and the alarm went off... and "Mike and Mike" came on over the speakers, and I was looking at it and I thought "how'd I do that?"  I usually set it to 6am... and then the local guy came on at "5:30" and in my head I thought "wait a minute?!  he comes on at 6:30 each day and not before... did  I change the clock to 5am?"   Then I thought... "How could I even do that?   If I was going to change the clock to 5am I'd have to cycle all the way through the other 23 hours by holding the "hour" button.  Did I do all that?   Even if I did... how'd the alarm go off at *5:00* AM?

The whole thing blew my mind, so I pressed the "hour" button to change the time to 6:30 from 5:30. 

The last week was too much of an adventure.  I wrote on a previous blog entry that my foot's side hurt and I thought I tore a ligament.  After some rest I learned that was not the case, but it took a while to get walking normally again.  THEN, mid-week, I got a *nasty* flu... it was so bad that I couldn't do anything but sleep for most of the day.  I felt awful.. by late evening I was getting better, and I summoned the energy to go to Wendy's for a meal that afternoon.   It took a few days before I felt confident enough to exercise again, and...

Yesterday I finally did it... I went to swim.  I started to gear up, looked at myself in the mirror and thought "whew, I didn't get as fat as I thought I would."   I was definitely not up to snuff, a touch out of shape, but doing ok, so I went into it.  I just wanted to familiarize myself with the water, so I did a lunch time 1000 meter swim, short course.   Wasn't too bad, but with so many people swimming it felt like it took a while to get from one end of the pool to the other.   It was my first short course meters swim of the year too and that threw me off.  I'm used to yards, tangibly shorter distance, and a better rhythm.   I got in the 1000 and I felt good about it.

I went to shower, in the locker room, then before I could use the swimwear drying machine, some guy was in front of me trying to suck the last drop off his suit... and I'm standing there in front of him, naked with my noodle hanging down thinking "its not going to *dry* the suit all the way."   He was persistent, just holding down the hatch for over a minute... the machine says to just let it run for five seconds.   The machine started to slow down more and more because it has an auto stop feature and it was getting glacial on him... I mean this whole thing was just slowing me down... I had to get back to work so I just stood in front of him and watched, bored to tears.  Finally he took out his first suit and put in ANOTHER one!  I couldn't believe it... so I gave up and went over to the wall and took my towel to dry.   After another minute he left and I put my speedo in there to dry.  That was something else.

Last night, I ate Papa John's for the first time in almost a year.  My buddies and I were watching Monday Night Football and having some slices.   It was what I expected... very salty, pretty bland.    It made me thirsty too, but I tried to sip at this Cinnamon Angry Orchard brew and it wasn't happening.   Cinnamon and Apples are great for cereal but not my style for hard cider.   So I got some water and sipped some orange Gatorade at the end.

I've had those moments, those wonderful moments where I think I can drink a bathtub full of orange Gatorade.  Then I go after just the 64 ounce bottles and can't finish it... but I start in like Kobayashi, full of confidence, like you can take on anything, but you find out you're only human.

I visited family over the weekend and we had a great time... my sister threw a party for her daughter, my niece, on Sunday.  Great party!   Relatives, friends of my sister's, and I were there.  After most of the people left, my immediate family stayed behind as did I.   My sister served us hot dogs baked in crescent roll dough.   So you'd take one of those cans of Pillsbury crescent roll dough, wrap a piece of it around each hot dog and bake them all in the oven for a few minutes.  These came out GREAT!   So crispy on the outside of the crust and chewy on the inside with a plump succulent hot dog in the middle.   Culinary excellence.

I was mesmerized at the ease of conception.   It looked so easy to make these very tasty treats.  I shall try these myself someday with some Hebrew National franks and my own can of crescent roll dough.   Fan-tastic!

At this same party my sister brought in these huge dinner salads from Panera Bread.  One was an Asian Chicken salad, and the other one was a Barbecue Chicken salad, so good.  It came with their respective dressings.  I had several servings of that salad.. I couldn't get enough but I stopped myself well short of my literal limit.  I knew how bad that could have gotten for me.  I have to admit, I also indulged in some of that "Frozen" themed blue kool aid.  Man was that refreshing!

That's all from here.  Back to my peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwiches... I crafted several of them just so that I could finish the loaf of bread that was sitting in the fridge for over a week.   I am down to the last four slices now, or two remaining sandwiches.

OH!  My last point of the day... why is the nickname for sandwiches "sammies?"   There is no "m" in the word "sandwich."  It always confused me, but carry on.  Take care, fellas!

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