Monday, September 15, 2008

...and how!! What a great Eagles/Cowboys Game!

The full moon was definitely out somewhere in the universe. When you hear the words "Eagles vs Cowboys" you think "oh down in the trenches, lots of running, great defense!" Instead, we got a shootout that made the Broncos game look like a soccer game. 41-37 was the final score and the Cowboys gut it out.

How 'bout them Cowboys? So many times we see them in a huge divisional game, or a big game vs a tough opponent, and so many times they fold. This goes all the way back to 2004. I remember a huge game just like this in Big D vs the Steelers and it was Big Ben, the rookie, pulling out the stops.

This time, the 'Boys got 'er donnne! Romo was nothing short of fantastic! 3 tds and 300+ yards. Marion Barber was a BEAST tonight with 110+ all purpose yards and a TD catch. Even TO had some fun with 2 td catches.

That's not to knock the Eagles. McNabb had a super game himself. Brian Westbrook is proving he's my favorite running back in the league today with TWO touchdowns and about 90 all purpose yards. And that front seven for Philly was awesome in the first three quarters.

Yet in the end, Dallas made the plays in the clutch and the Eagles fell short. For both teams, this is an extremely impressive performance. First of all, it validates that the Cowboys *can* win close games and come from behind. Secondly, it shows that the Eagles are legitimate. When you beat up on the Rams, the whole league takes you with a grain of salt, so tonight helped improve their image. Finally, it proves the NFC East is THE best division in football.

The NFC East has the most talent, the best overall coaching, and the most fierce defenses as a whole. Now, granted, we didn't see it in the points, but defensive linemen don't give an inch in this division. Thank you NFL for furnishing us this great night!!!

Random Dave Thoughts:

  • The game didn't even get ruined by a bad call! In fact, officiating was really good tonight and the only mistake was the blown non-call on a Westbrook facemask early on.
  • What the hell was Tony Kornheiser apologizing for mid-4th quarter? For being a lousy NFL analyst? For being a sourpuss? I don't get it.
  • No mention of Jessica Simpson all night, which I believe, was the difference in the game. One shot of Simpson and it was all over, Dallas.
  • Sometime either late 3rd or early 4th quarter I realized T.O. hadn't been heard from in over an hour! I don't think he had a catch. Five seconds later, Ron Jaworski basically said the same thing. T.O.'s gonna have to show up when it counts eventually.

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Dave Medina said...

I'm getting a lot of comments elsewhere about some lady, Kat DeLuna, butchering the Nat'l Anthem before the game. I have no comment... I usually don't tune in until they actually kick off. Besides, isn't it important to make sure your fantasy teams are set up right?