Sunday, September 7, 2008

LOCKS Week 1 Recap: 1-2!!!

Not a good way to start the season, but lemme tell you, it was close! In week one I went 1-2, bringing my 2008 grand total to..... 1-2.

Let's recap the LOCKS of the Week!

First I said:
BRING THAT TUNA UPSTREAM and pick the Dolphins to win and shock the northeast!
Final Score: Jets 20, Dolphins 14

Hey you have to admit, that was a lot closer than we thought! You know, I like Chad Pennington, and if he could throw a ball farther than six yards, they'd have won the game. It's pretty obvious that Miami's no dunce to sneeze at (unlike me and football picks so far).

Next I said:

Take a free ride and bet the HOUSE on the Falcons to cover as a rare home underdog. You can take that to the POUND.. um er, I mean bank.

Final score: Falcons 34, Lions 21

Man, I was feeling SO good about this. Imagine... everybody from pillar to post laughed at me when I called my shot. It was the first LOCK I made... I was saaaaaving that pick. How about Michael Turner yesterday?!
Michael Turner is the man. 220 yards, 2 tds for that porker? ah-bdbdbdbdbdbdbdbTHAT'S ALL FOLKS!!

and then, the big one....

I'm taking the (ba ba ba bum) deep in the HEARRRT of TEXANS to cover the massive 6.5 spread.

Final Score: Steelers 38, Texans 17

Hoooooooooo boy. I deserved a dunce cap for a week, just for that one pick. Well, at least I was right about busting the over/under. Just happened to be all Steelers. I'm pretty happy, since my team dominated, but I'm stayin' away from picking Steeler games.

I'm stayin' away from picking Steeler games...
I'm stayin' away from picking Steeler games...............

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