Friday, September 26, 2008

YOUR Weekend Football Preview

LOCKS of the Week Contributor Andrew Jacobsen is back with his latest WEEKEND FOOTBALL PREVIEW:

Ahhhhhhhhh…another Friday. I love it! Is it just me or does everyone else really look forward to the weekends in the winter? I mean, I love weekends anytime of the year…but I LOVE them in the fall and winter. Why? FOOTBALL!!!

I usually wait to write this little preview on Fridays every week because…well…to be honest…Fridays I really like to slackoff in the office. I mean, its Friday, right? Nobody ever does any REAL work on Fridays, so that’s when I write these previews. It’s a good time killer until the clock strikes 5pm. Anyways…

So I’m going to try to do one of these every Friday…BUT in this instance the preview comes after what will possibly be the football game of the weekend…Oregon State beating USC. And despite my current employer being the University of Southern California (or as Dave loves them to be called, “Southern Cal”) I was happy about last nights result.

Remember how awesome college football was last year? It seemed like every week the #1 or #2 team (or in some cases both) would lose. It was complete chaos…and I LOVE chaos in sports. It just seems to make everything more interesting and creates the most compelling stories. So last night, I hope USC’s loss is the first of more to come for top ranked teams over the next few months. LET CHAOS REIGN! Ok, on to the weekend preview…

College Football

You know there are about 120 Division I-A college teams around the country. Virtually all of those teams will be playing this weekend in some 60 football games. 60 games!! You know how many of those I really care about? 3. Three! That’s it. Of course, I really didn’t care much about the USC/Oregon St. game last night but looked how that turned out. Still, here are the 3 must watches in college football.

  1. Oklahoma vs. TCU. I know about Oklahoma…but I know nothing about TCU other then they have one of the weirdest mascot names for any team in Division I sports. Horned Frogs? Really? That’s not intimidating. I step on Horned Frogs all the time just for shit and giggles…much like OU should stomp on TCU this weekend.
  2. Penn St. vs Illinois. Another game between ranked teams that likely will be a blow out. How good is Penn State? Do we really know? I mean, we know their coach is about 146 years old and that their closest game this year was against Oregon State (who, as you read above, beat USC last night) and the final score in that one was 45-14. That was their closest game!
  3. Georgia vs. Alabama – ahhhhhh…I love SEC on CBS games!! Wait! What?! This game isn’t the SEC/CBS game? Tennessee is? Ugh! What the hell?! Anyways…this is the night game on ESPN. Should be another good one though. Is Alabama for real? I’m not convinced.

Oh what the hell…I’ll throw in a little Fresno State/UCLA love here before we move on to the pros. Yeah, those two play each other Saturday afternoon at the Rose Bowl. Fresno is good…UCLA is not. Could be a fun one though…who knows? Question: Is fresno state ever going to play a WAC team this season?


Well, Dave his been touting this week at Week Bore instead of Week Four. And you know what? He’s right! There is seriously a lack of compelling games this weekend. This phenomenon was recently written about on Of course, that’s also what you get for having SIX teams on a FREAKIN’ bye week!!! SIX!!! Do you know how much that sucks for us owners of fantasy teams? Particularly when you have teams like the Colts, Giants, and Patriots all have the same bye week. How cruel NFL! You suck! My fantasy team is going to lose this weekend because of you!

Ok…I’m done. Moving along…

How about a NFL team from Ohio actually getting a win at some point?! It might happen this weekend as the Bungles and Browns (both 0-3) will play. Is it just me, or does anyone else really, really hope this one ends in a tie?

How about the Rams deciding to make their team even worse then it already is by starting a not so clear headed Trent Green over Marc Bulger? Yeah, that should do the trick Rams…I’m sure that will turn your crappy team around. (you watch, the Rams will probably win this week now)

How about the Saints/49ers? Anyone interested? I am! 49ers could be leading the NFC West all by themselves come the end of the day on Sunday. How crazy would that be? Well, almost as crazy as the Cardinals being in first place. Wait. What?

The only thing I wish for on Sunday is that the Redskins can, at the very least, make their game against the Cowboys interesting. Come on Redskins! This is the only watchable game on in the afternoon on Sunday…please don’t screw it up. Please just lose by 7 points or fewer. Please. Pretty Please!

Let me think…anything else? Ummmmmm…nope. That’s all I got for NFL stuff. Have a great weekend everybody...

Andrew Jacobsen

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