Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who scores the most points in the NFL?

So far, in two weeks, we've been able to gage who's the best at scoring points. Remarkably, the numbers are consistent with last year's teams. Observe.

Here are the teams who scored the most points through two weeks.

1. Broncos, 80 pts
2. Eagles, 75 pts
3. Packers, 72 pts
4. Cowboys, 69 pts
5. Chargers, 62 pts

Three of the top five were playoff teams last year, and all five of the teams were 8-8 or better. Remarkably, the only real surprise is the NFL leading Denver Broncos, but I think we all knew they'd be a decent offense with Jay Cutler.

Now here's the teams who scored the FEWEST points through two weeks.

T 28. Ravens, 17 pts
T 28. Bungles, 17 pts
T 28. Texans, 17 pts* (Texans only played one game, on the road, due to Hurricane Ike)
T 31. Browns, 16 pts
T 31. Rams, 16 pts

Some of these are really shocking. The Bungles with only 17 combined points??? What happened to that Pro Bowl offense? And the BROWNS with just 16? The Cowboys defense wasn't *that* great. They only gave up 37 to Philly the next week.

Now for the real excitement! Who gave up the most points through 2 games?

1. Lions, 82 pts
2. Rams, 79 pts
3. Seahawks, 67 pts
4. Chargers, 65 pts
5. 49ers, 53 pts

I'm giving the 49ers a pass, because they played great defense in Week 1. The Lions are every fantasy owner's dream come true, aren't they? Any team that plays the Lions will have their players' stats go off!

The Rams... ugh... what a mess.

And finally, one team that seemingly doesn't belong on this list: the San Diego SUPER Chargers. For goodness sake, San Diego! WAKE UP!!! To pose an example, last year through 2 weeks the Chargers gave up 41 pts, INCLUDING a 38-14 trouncing by the Patriots.

The Chargers are in serious trouble, folks. Not only do they give up nearly the most points per game, but they rank dead last in the AFC in passing yards allowed AND rank 25th in rushing yards allowed. The last team to even make the Super Bowl with a bottom ten ranked passing defense was the 2005 Seahawks, and they happened to be in the NFC. If the Chargers don't make dramatic improvements, they could be looking at an 9-7 year. It can certainly turn around, however.

That completes my "Nerd Moment of the Week." More LOCKS come your way later on!

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