Saturday, September 27, 2008

"...not so fast, my friend!" says Alabama.


Well, if Sunday is NFL Week BORE, Saturday surely made up for it! Boy did I call this or what? Alabama gave Georgia much more than just "a hard time." In fact, the Crimson Tide SCORCHED the Bulldogs, 41-30! Heck, Georgia wasn't going to let USC, Florida, and Wisconsin have all the "fun." Instead, this game was just the cherry on the top of a very large, multi-tiered, upset cake. Don't forget to blow out the candles!

In all, 3 of the top 5 ranked NCAA Division I-A teams fell to unexpected opponents this week. Oklahoma and LSU survived. Here are the sordid details:

No. 1 USC lost to Oregon State, 28-21
No. 2 Oklahoma beat up TCU 35-10
No. 3 Georgia lost to Alabama 41-30
No. 4 Florida lost to Ole Miss 31-30
No. 5 LSU beat Miss St. 34-24

In addition...

No. 6 Missouri did not play (figure to move up to at least 4th, possibly 3rd)
No. 7 Texas destroyed Arkansas 52-10
No. 8 Alabama nearly destroyed No. 3 Georgia 41-30 (see above)
No. 9 Wisconsin lost to Michigan 27-25
No. 10 Texas Tech did not play

Oklahoma will be ranked consensus Number One by day's end. It doesn't mean they're the Number One team in the nation. Thanks to UPSET WEEK, everybody gets a do-over. USC, in particular, must feel lucky to get another chance. So it goes...

*That doesn't change my opinions described in USC Trojans: They Used to Be Good. The Trojans still have the stigma of losing within the weaker Pac 10 conference, and there's no assurance they can avoid a second upset.

That's all for College this week. Enjoy the Sunday action, or do the best you can.

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