Sunday, September 21, 2008

LOCKS Week 3 Recap: More of the same!


This week I committed to hardcore research and got results. Not "Mike Golic on Nutrisystem" results, but this is pretty good. CHECK IT OUT:

First I said:

TAKE THOSE POINTS, feed the fish, and choose the Dolphins to cover the (+12.5) prawns!

Final Score, Mia 38, NE 13: Whooooooooooooof! This exceeded even MY greatest expectations. Holy Belichick! I didn't have time to write a whole post about it, but Ronnie Brown ran for 4 TDs and threw for 1 TD!! THE MAN.

Then there was this:

ALAKAZAM!! Take the Bears (-3.0) to cover and win.

Final Score, TB 27, Chi 24 (OT): This was in the bag, until the Bears' World Class defense blew it in the 4th. What happened?!?!?!?! I dedicated a whole pizza to you! That's the thanks I get? Forget you guys, Chicago. I'm picking you to get blown out next time.

Finally, a close one but a big one:

BRONCOS (-5.5) win big, covering easily! (after review)

Final score, Den 34, NO 32: This is unbelievable. Do the Broncos have any defense? What a flippin' JOKE. My grandma could cover opposing receivers better than you, Denver! What killed me was that the Broncos started off ahead 21-3, similar to last week, and yet had to fight to hold on.

Germs, this is *not* a Super Bowl team.

Anyway, the end result is, here we go, 1-2 (again!!). but this time I was on the cusp of winning all three. I feel like this is a solid effort. Hope you all have a good work week, then back at it for more picks!!

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