Friday, September 26, 2008

Dave's Weekly Pizza Pick!

Hi again, everybody!

My first Weekly Pizza Pick was such a wild success, I elected to try another one!

Today we'll honor the big Redskins/Cowboys game at 4:15 ET this Sunday. And why not? The two of them go together like cream and sugar, like peas in a pod. It's a tradition that's as much a part of football as the leather. To celebrate, I suggest a traditional, tried and true,
good ol', rootin' tootin' Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza from your neighborhood pizzeria. Pick the best one you know. If it's Papa John's that's ok. You can also decide who gets to be the Pepperoni and who gets to be the Mushroom. I'm goin' with Dallas as the Pepperoni. They're zesty, flashy, and more popular.

And that's my Weekly Pizza Pick for Week 4!

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