Friday, September 19, 2008

Andrew Presents: YOUR Weekend Football Preview

LOCKS of the Week contributor Andrew Jacobsen will provide College and Pro Football previews throughout the season. Here is his latest report:

By Andrew Jacobsen


So after a long week like this one, what is better then having a full weekend of football action to enjoy? I can’t think of anything. So lets pretend it’s the weekend right now and take a look at what we got…


Decent day of college football. We don’t have a BIG game, like OSU/USC (although that was a major letdown), to really grab onto. Yes, thank you Arizona St for sucking it up last weekend and making your game vs. Georgia this weekend not look as good…I mean, I’ll still watch, but I won’t be happy about it. Still there are some matchups that are certainly worth viewing…

  1. FLA/TENN – Dave really, really wants FLA to lose. I hope they don’t. Its another SEC on CBS game so, of course, it’s a must watch. Go Gators!
  2. One SEC game deserves another. LSU/AUBURN. Maybe even a better game then FLA/TENN, although we could see some ugly final score. Last week auburn won 3-2…in football, not baseball or hockey. LSU doesn’t exactly light up a scoreboard either. First one to 10 wins!!
  3. How about OSU. Can they bounce back after their embarrassing performance last week…wait…SCREW OSU!!! Freakin’ losers. Nevermind…I’m on a OSU boycott starting NOW. SCREW YOU OSU!!! (somebody make that into a sign)

Ummmmm…yeah. That’s basically it for college games, I guess. I mean, there is Wake Forest vs. Florida State but those are two ACC schools and even though they are ranked…it’s the ACC so who gives a S*%T?!


Moving on to the pros. Lets see…(looking at schedule)…you know what? My recommendation would be wake up on Sunday morning…go out, have a nice breakfast somewhere…go outside and get some sun and do something fun that morning BECAUSE…

There are virtually NO games of interest Sunday morning. NONE! I can’t think of any of these crappy games I would want to watch.

OAK/BUF…ugh. I don’t think so.

TB/CHI…yeah, I love watching games with crappy offenses playing good defenses. NOT!

KC/ATL…you couldn’t pay me enough money to watch this one.

MIA/NE…I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

CAR/MIN…well…ok, this one might not be too bad.


And so on and so on…

So my point is, football this Sunday really doesn’t get kicking off until 1pm. At that time we have 3 attractive…although, not like Charlize Theron “hot as hell” attractive…but more like Gretchen Mol “she’ll get the job done” attractive…games on that afternoon.

PHIL/PIT…NO/DEN (no defenses allowed please)…and JAX/INDY. All three could be very solid football games. So skip the morning, sleep in, and enjoy the games in the afternoon. And as a dessert, we have Dallas vs. Green Bay on Sunday night. Thank God this game isn’t on the NFL Network, like it was last year…when I had to stand OUTSIDE of a FREAKIN’ bar and LOOK though the WINDOWS of the place to just to SEE the DAMN GAME!!!

Alright…is it the weekend yet? What time is it? 10am. UGH! DAMN YOU FRIDAYS!!! Why do you have to be sooooo long?

Enjoy the games people…

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Dave Medina said...

I can think of *one* thing better. A night with Charlize Theron and Gretchen Mol.

By the way, to flesh out the Fla/Ten preview, I predicted all week that Tennessee would pull off a huge upset. I tend to think the UCLA game was a fluke.