Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 4: Dave's LOCKS of the... zzzzz

mumble grumble... oog...


oh! Let's start another one of those

Dave's (yawwwn)
LOCKS (snooore)
of the Week (zzzzz...)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week BORE (uh, 4)

Greetings gents, and greetings lady gents. I'm Dave Medina, fighting boredom and my eyelids, just struggling to make it through Week 4. This week is bound to be the worst week of the year so far, with probably one sure-fire big matchup (Was/Dal). Everything else... get ready for some insomnia busters fellas!! but... I must continue my duty and give you my LOCKS of the week...

To the picks!

First! We go out to Kan-sas City!! Does the weather EVER change in KC? You watch it on the tv and it's the same: no precipitation, no wind, not a cloud in the sky. So flippin' BORING.

Anyway, the Chiefs, taking torch from the Royals, are SOLIDLY in last place entering what I want to call...


In last year's DLOTWGATB, I resoundingly picked the Chiefs to cover and win at home in Arrowhead. Beeeeoooooooooooooooop. Big mistake. The Broncos dominated that game and the Chiefs could barely muster 11 pts. This time I'm getting MY REVENGE BABY!! Go with the Broncos (-9.0) to gallop to a big win (again) at Arrowhead. Forget it KC: As Herm would say

Next, out to -bzzzzt- WKRP in Cincinnaaaaaaaaati --bzzzzzzt--

What happened to all those emails about Derek Anderson for the Hall of Fame? For goodness sake, is Cleveland the most overrated team alive? Meanwhile, I think the Bungles had a bad break. Palmer stumbled early but did well last week in Jersey. In fact, the Bungles even a semblance of a running game! Chris Perry has 180 yards so far; not too bad! Finally, the Bungles have yet to win their first home game, and they tend to sparkle at Paul Brown Stadium. You gotta pick the Bungles here to at least win and maybe win big.

If Cleveland wins this game I'm going to join the Clay Aiken fan club... IT AIN'T HAPPENING!!! Cincy (-3.5) covers the spread and then mauls those stupid plastic dog masks over the Brownies because it's BUNGLES TIME!!

Finally, the moment you've all be waiting for... BACK to CHICAGO!!!

I called it on Monday when the Bears let me down and blew their cover (no pun intended). IT'S TIME FOR SOME MORE PAYBACK. Yes, it's Revenge Week on Dave's LOCKS of the Week, and, I'm calling for a Good Philly Beat-down!!!!

Who needs a healthy Westbrook or McNabb? The Eagles still have their entire defense healthy and hopping. Knowing the Bears, we have a scenario ripe for interceptions. Yes folks, the Eagles are going to kick so much ass it'll make the Rams game seem like a nail-biter. The Eagles are swooping down and pecking apart the Bears for whatever the line is (currently "off"). That's right Bears, take that deep dish and SHOVE IT!

And... ho hum, that's it for

Dave's (pfffffff)
LOCKS (fluff)
of the Week (pat pat)

Don't forget to bring the Nyquil and enjoy the weekend's games, all!

RECAP: Broncos (-9.0) win and cover at KC; Bungles (-3.5) cover at home; Eagles (off) win outright at Chicago.

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