Sunday, September 14, 2008

NFL Week 2 Brings the Excitement!

Hey everyone! Hope you guys had a good NFL Sunday.

It was a terrific day for football, filled with many close finishes, great plays, and shining moments. I was at Zodos, the only place to be for NFL football (if they knew how to turn on the HD). Anyway, here's my other thoughts on Week 2:

Aaron Rodgers: Like Musicals to My Ears!

Some folks weren't convinced Rodgers could take his good QB skills on the road. Instead, Rodgers impressed everybody out in the Motor City. Over 300 yards passing and 3 touchdown passes! I was impressed, and apparently, so were many fantasy owners.

The Greatest Week 2 Game Ever Played

There may be several candidates to earn the title "Greatest Week 2 Game". Unfortunately, Steelers/Browns is nowhere near the list. That game was kind of sloppy.

Instead, there was a battle of defensive wills over in Minneapolis between the Vikes and Colts.

There was also a terrific show in our nation's capital, perhaps a coming of age for young Jason Campbell.

Let's not forget the "Battle in Seattle" where you *can* get a second chance in life, or in overtime. SF's Joe Nedney misses the game winning field goal in regulation, only to nail it in OT, from the same distance!

Finally, the big shootout in Denver, where the Chargers and Broncos combined to score 77 points. Whoof!

Same Old Patriots

I still get the impression that the Jets are vastly overrated. It's tough to win games with only ten points in normal weather, and the Jets seemed more like a 4-12 team today. The Patriots do what they always do, win games, albeit much uglier and tougher than normal. The Pats have that 9-7 look without a doubt.


Still to come on Brothers and Sisters Week: the big Monday Night game between the Eagles and Cowboys. It may not amount to much in the end, but this week it will be a lot of fun. I'm looking forawrd to the result, and let's hope we get a better game than we got in Cleveland!

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