Friday, September 19, 2008

Dave's Weekly Pizza Pick

And now, by Popular Demand

Here it comes!!!


Dave's (crunch)
WEEKLY (munch)
Pizza Pick (sizzle)!!!

For our inaugural Weekly Pizza pick, I'd like to recommend a thick, deep dish pizza from your local neighborhood Chicago-Style pizzeria. For most of you out there, that means Pizza Hut.

In honor of the Chicago Bears' home opener this week, I'd go start it off with a big, thick crust and cheese, then pile it high with sausage, sausage, and more sausage. When they're done, ask them to add a pound of cheese. Then top it off with some sausage. Now if you're feeling intrepid, you can tack on some tomato sauce on the top, but most of us will have a heart attack by then.

So there it is! This week's Weekly Pizza Pick: Chicago Style Sausage Pizza with Sausage!

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