Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A rant against "Southern Cal"

What is with all the East Coasters calling USC "Southern Cal?" It sounds so stupid, hokey, and inaccurate, its gotten downright insipid. Are we really going to confuse The University of Southern California, USC with the University of South Carolina?

Get real, ESPN/ABC/CBS/NBC/Fox/etc. South Carolina is almost Championship Subdivision football compared to the Trojans. It's not like when people think "USC," they think "Ah yes, good ol' South Carolina!" Nobody outside of Lou Holtz would confuse the two.

So when you talk USC, talk "USC" or "SC"... heck even just "Trojans" is ok. NOBODY east of the Rockies calls the USC football team "Southern Cal".

Now let me throw goofy nicknames on other schools, and see how YOU guys like em.

Northern Dame!
Bo College!
'Bama!! oops, that's taken.

More NFL thoughts in just a moment...

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