Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 24th

Do you remember when you were back in school?  Every time before the school year started you'd fear that first day and remember when you would get up out of bed for that first day and it would always be so much anticipation and excitement but dread at the same time.

Then you would get to school, and it was all about to my friend still remember me? Are they going to like me? What is the teacher going to be like? So much anticipation fear and with all that you hear the bell rings then all the sudden you're back in your pattern. Then the rest of the year was kinda blah Zay. 

Well here I am 31 years old and still driving that day today. But this time it's because I now work for a school. And, all the same people are going to be there asking for many things. There's a lot of anticipation do I mess everything up? What happens? well here we go another school year at my main job. This is the time where it gets very hectic. I just hope I can survive this week in one piece.

I let my hair grow really long lately. It was not by choice the reason I did it was because I did not have time to get a haircut. But I wanted to read it out and see what I look like with long hair. Well friends to be honest I look atrocious! So I think I'm going to get my haircut eventually. 

Well... How about the Broncos? I thought that they played really well last night although you know I did not like the way they let up towards the end and the only reason I say that is because I pick them up -15. I mean come on Denver, you know you're clearly better than the Raiders, so what was the business with letting them back into the game?  Anyway they won pretty convincingly regardless of that and I think Peyton Manning is off to a really good start.

I'm not sure if you noticed this but I'm dictating today's entry yet again. I went to the bed and I stayed there for a while and I felt so comfortable I did not feel like taking my computer out to write. So, instead I will use my phone and just speak the words rather than type them.

I think the output is so much better than it had been in the last couple of attempts with dictation. I think I finally got the hang of how to use this. But I don't want this to be a crutch for me to get my long-winded so I'll try to come but with some more ideas first.

That's all from here. Have a good Tuesday!

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