Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: September 19th

Dave's (bonk)
LOCKS (conk)
of the Week (snap)

This week, we look at some really huge point spreads.  We'll start with the folks at Gainesville.  The Gators are a whopping 17 point favorites over rival Tennessee.  I know Tennessee is pretty bad, but we all are too familiar with Driskell's awful throwing arm.  I would be surprised if *either* team scored over 17 points, to be honest.   I sense this will be a much closer game.  Watch for it.  Tennessee +17 at Florida.

Up next, a meeting between Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide and his former Offensive Coordinator Jim McElwain now with Colorado State.    McElwain was Alabama OC from 2008 through 2011.  Now, he returns to Tuscaloosa with a familiar foe, a foe he himself managed offensively.  I like the Rams of CSU to at least keep it closer than 39.5, so we'll go that way.  Colorado State +39.5 at 'Bama.

One last enormous point spread for the week: We go to Pasadena where UCLA hosts New Mexico State.  This game sets up for an inevitable letdown after UCLA's dramatic, resounding 41-21 win at Nebraska.   Given that UCLA is best known for its defense, it'd be surprising to see them rack up enough to cover a 40 point spread, and NMSt is getting 42.5.   New Mexico State +42.5 at UCLA.

Across town, I will also give Utah State the nod, getting 6.5 at the Coliseum.  Utah State +6.5

That's going to be all for LOCKS... there's not a single NFL game that's screaming out at me with the possible exception of the Jaguars getting 19 (!) at Seattle.  Officially, it's just three college games this week on a very tough to judge week of games against the spread.

To recap: Tennessee +17, Col. State +39.5, NM State +42.5, and Utah State +6.5.

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