Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 4th

I'm short on time today so I'll knock these thoughts out in a few minutes.

First of all, Dave's (bang!)  LOCK (clang) of the Week... all week I've pegged the Broncos to win their Thursday night opener by ten points, and at Broncos -7.5 at home, it'll be a toughy but that's a touchdown and a field goal.  It's extremely hard to trust NFL point spreads, but I'll still take Denver and give the -7.5.

Check out this sleeper pick:  I like San Jose State at Stanford getting +26.5.   David Fales is said to be a REALLY good quarterback.  He's been hyped to be picked as high as maybe top 5 overall in the NFL Draft.  Stanford is a physical team no doubt, and a pretty good defensive team, but with the early season jitters in effect and Stanford's first game at all this season, I think San Jo State will at least hang for a quarter or two.  26.5 seems like too much.  Usually when Stanford wins, they lock down their opponent or pound them into submission, but I don't know if Stanford is going to be ready to defend an NFL caliber QB like Fales... but to be fair I have yet to actually see him play.

Taking this a step further, if this game is on Pac 12 network, I'm going to force myself to a sports bar to go see it.  I want to see this Fales kid *play!*  but yes, SJSU +26.5

I also have Washington State at SC +15.   Never trust the Trojans in the Kiffin era, period.   It feels like almost every time you see a point spread go up, SC gives about 5-10 points too many.  I saw how gutty WSU was at Auburn, a tough play to play anyway, and I could see a similar dogfight here at the Coliseum.   Cougs. +15

We'll keep it with three picks this week.   I would see Florida and Georgia winning their respective games and both have only about a 3 point spread.

Now then!  AGT last night... boy that show surprised me!  Pleasantly so.   I thought it was going to be awful.  but, instead, it was even better than the show a week ago!  How would you even select six of those twelve to advance?   I wouldn't know.   To me the results show is about four acts:

Chicago Boyz and Kenichi:  these two blew the roof off!  They HAVE TO advance.

Marty Brown and Military Wives Choir:  underwhelming.  They HAVE TO get eliminated.

Anyone else could be beat out by any other act, so I wouldn't be that upset with any outcome beyond the above four.  Here's to a good results show tonight!

I swam, as it turns out three days in a row this week.  Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Felt pretty good out there for the most part, although Tuesday was rough with the water temperature way too high.  Folks, it's not a hot tub, we gotta get that temperature down to like mid to upper 70s.

Ah, the sound of faculty and students!  Coming onto campus like a cavalry, ready to bug me.   Man the fortress!   We'll be back at it tomorrow.  Have a great Wednesday.


Dave in the City said...

Meant to say Miami would win its respective game. Oops!

Dave in the City said...

Meant to say Miami would win its respective game. Oops!