Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 11th

It's been twelve years, but it's tough not to stop and think for a moment when you see "9/11" on your calendar.   We all lived though it, and it was just a tough tough day.   It's the only time I ever really saw the world stop.  It was not good at all, was the September 11th Terrorist Attack.

To me, I'm glad to know that so far, we've managed to rebuild ourselves after such tragedy.  I just hope that it doesn't give some people an excuse to blindly hate other races or other peoples in the name of "defending a country."   That doesn't seem fair.   Terrorists are their own breed.  One can't extrapolate an entire religion or ethnicity to terrorism.   Were all Germans Nazis?  Were all Russians spies who wanted to send nukes to America?  Absolutely not!

For the moment, this country belongs to all of us.  I hope I never forget that.  Thanks to all the wonderful dispatchers, firefighters, policemen, and generally great human beings who all made a difference in those times of darkness.  This includes the brave passengers who revolted against terrorism on United Flight 93.  Gosh, what incredible souls they were.    Thanks to all.  Thanks to everyone who defended and continues to defend this country, making it a safe place for us to live.  Thank you.

Speaking of flights, I remember my United Flight to Newark last year when I went to the East Coast.  It was United Flight 66!  I loved the number... I didn't know of Yasiel Puig at the time, but I knew it was the dial position for Sports Radio *66* WFAN.  I loved the idea of flying a plane numbered "66."

But, at the end of the day, the flight would have been loads better had I boarded a regular flight to JFK instead.  Flights from LAX to JFK are practical luxury cruises.  You get the best of the best technology, power ports, wide cabins, pretty sweet video facilities to watch movies, and a pretty good flight.  All for the same price as a flight to Newark.  Who knew?  I know now, though, heh heh.

The refrigerator at my new apartment is fan-tastic.   The best freezers are the ones that can keep ice cream so cold that the substance is practically clay... hard and tough to scoop out.  Ice cream that cold yields an *amazing* texture, like you would not believe!   I've only seen it before at the grocery store or liquor stores when I get ice cream.   Usually the freezer at my old apartment would freeze the ice cream but it'd just be a little too soft.   I tried to turn up the freezing intensity on the freezer dial, but it wasn't much improvement.

Anyway, the fridge here does an amazing job.  Cold is very cold here.  I had some ice cream last night, and yeah, my hand strained a little scooping the ice cream out with a spoon, but it was worth it.

What use would a GPS device be on a speedboat?  It's going to get wet!

We've got a wedding in our extended family this weekend.  My aunt is going to marry her fiance.  This is good news.  Less good is the news that this is her third marriage in roughly 25 years.   But!  I give the marriage my full endorsement!  I'm privately hoping there's brisket at the reception, Jewish style with the carrots and the potatoes.

I heard Phil Steele on with Colin Cowherd yesterday (ESPN Radio) and Steele had *major* confidence in Alabama to steamroll Texas A&M.  I wasn't totally sure of what to do with 'Bama a 7.5 point favorite, but Steele convinced me to go Bama.  I was leaning that way anyway... I think A&M had a bit of a mirage blowing out two cupcakes, and adding to that, Johnny Manziel relies too much on his legs.   Alabama's athletic enough to neutralize it.  Onward.

Do I know "Keith Larson, BobsBlitz, and New York Post" on Twitter.  Are you kidding me?  I've not heard of any of those jokers.   I wouldn't know who Keith Larson was if he poked me in the back.   Bob's Blitz is that one website who plugs Funtime, no?   New York Post is that wacky newspaper, this I know, but it's not like I was going to go "Hey New York Post, want to come over to my house to watch football?"   He's not a best friend... he's not a "he".  It's a newspaper.  I don't *know* the NY Post, but I know of it, and am familiar with it... I think.

I mean come on you guys... Keith Larson?

Roughly four years ago, the internet thought George W Bush was the worst.  Now, the internet thinks Obama is the worst.  Well, I gotta give the snarky know it alls of the internet one thing, we're consistent!

In his day, people blamed Bush for *everything.*  It really got out of hand.  Back in the day, I'd come up with random minor annoyances and then yell at the end "It's Bush's fault!!"  Like say, a guy got in front of me before I got to the checkout stand and then pile on 30 items and I'd go "It's Bush's Fault!"  Or I got a parking ticket -- Bush's fault!

That was a lot of fun!  And sometimes, it really *was* Bush's fault.   Democrats gave Bush a lot of grief, so Republicans doing the same thing to Obama is fair game.

Really, the only way out of this is if we come up with a third party, I don't know, call it the "cookie" party, and the platform can be "milk and chocolate cake."  Who going to vote against milk and chocolate cake?  but at least this way, we can all be on the same page.

Fine fine!!  For the Vegan community, we'll make it "Milk, Chocolate Cake, and Soy Milk too."  Now I think we have a winner.

Ever get the urge to make a run for it and find a local 24 hour deli to order a roast beef sandwich?

Put every dollar on the Giants if they get points at home.  I got a funny feeling they'll cover despite my general non-confidence in the Giants.  It's more that I think the Broncos will give *too many* points by the sportsbook of record.  You can bet so many people will overreact to both the Broncos dominating win and Giants' unimpressive loss.

Does there even exist an "impressive loss?"   Generally no, but I've seen exceptions.  In fact, the Bengals lost to the Bears by 3 points last week, and I thought they played a terrific game.  It was just a few dumb mistakes that cost them.  Otherwise, they had it going on defensively and offensively.

Hope you all enjoyed today's blog.  We'll do it again tomorrow.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

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