Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 5th

Here's to the NFL Season!  Here's to good fortune for your team whoever it may be.

Is it even worth it to take a shower before bed on a hot night?  You'll just end up sweaty anyway and have to shower again in the morning.

Man!  So many angry women on cell phones lately.  People yelling at their telephones, angry, in some cases, attractive.   Why all the venom?   I bet you one of those ladies was trying to order something on Amazon -- didn't get the order right so she's on with customer service.  "Those socks are supposed to be 59 CENTS!!!!"  [slams something]

The Junk Man and I had a great time drafting in Tom in NJ's league last night.  I gotta be honest -- everyone did a pretty good job drafting in that league.  Nobody was really that bad.   Good season should be ahead, the league looks very competitive.

A word for the wise:  Life does not operate like a Coors Light commercial.  If you bring a bottle of Coors Light to your home you're not going to get babes to come over and an avalanche.   All I could do is get the mountains on the bottle to turn blue.......... & my nethers too.

Readership of the blog has increased a good deal lately, but this is both good and alarming.  Let me explain!  The reader demographics are now such that I gotta be more careful about what I write.  One time I got a longish message from a fellow reader about one of the blog entries I did about a vacation trip.  Man... it was so detailed I realized how incriminating these entries can *be.*   Personally I looked back at the referenced entries and I didn't see anything that bad, but it was a warning sign that people ARE reading the material so I gotta stay sharp.

There's a Starbucks at Westwood and Lindbrook that had this big sign "REMODELING" or something.  Are you kidding me?  How do you remodel a coffee shop?   It's not like the coffee is getting a makeover or the counter is or any of that.   It's a tiny location anyway, so I couldn't even tell you what there is to upgrade.  I think I counted one table.   It was so bogus the remodeling was done in a day.  The next day they put up another sign that said "REMODELED!  NOW OPEN" or something.  Gee whiz... well as long as the coffee holds up we're good to go.

You follow someone on twitter and suddenly they bump you off and you can't see their tweets... is that possible?  I've seen it the other way where a twitter follower stops following *you* (understandable, I can lean towards the obnoxious).  Haven't seen it attempted the other way.   Ah well, we'll see what happens.

I got some ham and cheese at the store last night.  In fact, I got a whole lot of ham and cheese.  I made a big sandwich last night, and another smaller sandwich for lunch today.  There's still a good amount of meat and cheese left for sandwiches through the weekend.  Do the sorta dance.. I'm gonna get sick of ham and cheese after a while, but it's good quality materials!

Someone asked Howard Stern this week what his favorite cookie is.  He found the question amusing.  See..?   I'm not the only one asking these things!  I forgot what his answer was. 

Feels like an orange juice kind of day.  More to come tomorrow.  Have a great Thursday and Welcome Back Pro Football.  Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack....

I'll be honest, it's a pretty stupid song, in fact VERY stupid song, but I'm a sucker for the "Welcome back welcome back" part.  Did you guys know John Sebastian, who wrote the "Kotter" theme song, also wrote the theme song for the Care Bears cartoon?  If you *think* about it, that's not very surprising.   Carry on, carry on.

Til Friday!   Take care, you all.

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