Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 18th

I like vtred... he's a riot folks.   He's consistent.  I can dig that -- no apologies, no nonsense.

I would like to meet the man they call vtred aka Vinnie in NJ.   He has great taste in music.   Good taste in football... wish I could say the same about his other teams but that was out of his control ohhhhh someone stop me!  He also knows his way around good restaurants.

I can't remember if Treddy is on the Breaking Bad Bandwagon.   He surely loves every *other* chic and trendy show in the history of existence, from "Mad Men" to "Downton Abbey" and other shows in between.  I'd be not surprised if BB was one of his shows.

He and others share the haterade on Fantasy Football.  On a macroscopic level, I agree with him.  I think nothing is more annoying than *only* watching football games to see what individual players do.  "Oh X player needs a touchdown so dont run the ball!"  Do you really think teams are standing around asking "How can we maximize Joe Blow's fantasy advantage fellas?  Let's purposely throw a fade to James Jones so he gets more points in a random Yahoo league -- break!"

Where I disagree with the anti-FF crowd is this:  a fantasy football team *enhances* your knowledge of individual players, both offensively and in some cases defensively.   To me, if you're already watching the game, whatever the game is, like a good game between Chicago and Green Bay, seeing how certain guys do, relevant to your fantasy team, is a lot of added bonus fun.  To me, the question is:  is your fantasy team a seasoning to your existing NFL experience or do you use it as the means to an end?   Some do the means to an end, but I wouldn't shake that way.   It would be too random to root for 13 teams at once or just jump between games when your guy has the ball.  In other words, "whatever floats your boat."

I found the display at the store last night and it was STUFFED with peaches!  My declaration of Peach Season ending was a false alarm, for now.  Great news all around.

I also went for chicken but the individual pieces were all gone.  Usually the store closes their deli counter around 7pm.  I got there past 8.  There wasn't much I could do, but the good news is -- I got a good swim that night beforehand.

Instead, I went for the Stagg Chili.  I also ate a peach or two from the fridge.  The chili was once again prett good.

America's Got Talent last night:  Great show, won't go long with my synopsis.  I think Forte leveled off.. they did what they did, and it was terrific, but Mel B unwittingly called out their *real* reason for their popularity -- showmanship and these ornate stage settings the AGT set designer creates for their group.   At the end of the day its three guys singing standards with operatic voices.   Howie said it best:  it's something we've seen before, countless times.  It's certainly not bad... but it's not very innovative nor original.

Kenichi, on the other hand, is the living embodiement of originality, creativity, and invention.  His style of dance, blended with technology, is a signt to see.  Kinda odd that a guy from Japan might win the whole thing on a show intended to showcase American talent, but as the rules go, his method of entry was perfectly legal.  No qualms by me.  His work is amazing.

Despite my glowing remarks, I elected to troll the entire voting process and put all ten of my online votes, two twitter votes over two accounts, and twenty telephone calls from two numbers into votes for Comedian Taylor Williamson.  Ohhh, I got enormous satisfaction out of that!  It made no sense at all, but I just thought it would be funny.  Taylor did great for himself last night, even to the point where he took an entire set of jokes he already *did* and still managed to add a twist to it. 

Now you all know my mush... the odds of him actually winning are in negative percents.   Jimmy Rose would have a better shot at winning than the #taylord.

Cami Bradley gets incredible honorable mention.  Boy I think it's impossible not to love her -- gorgeous, affable, humble and a *very* distinctive voice.   Boy is her husband charmed to have her around.  Excellent singer, and different too.

That's about all.   I think most acts last night did very well for themselves.  America will decide the winner, and we'll find out tonight who it is on NBC.

Just once, I'd like to stop at the Krispy Kreme donut shop in Torrance and hit up the store when the "Hot & Now" sign is on.   Hot fresh donuts!

I would actually have time to go get a cookie and bagel today for breakfast.  Dicey to eat BOTH but they are so good, especially at NY Bagel and Deli here in town.

That's all for now... peach season lives one more day!

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