Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 13th

I've had about enough of those Fiat commercials.   I don't care how hot the hotties in them are, and they are *hot*, but I'm done with Fiat.  Those commercials are so cheeky and hokey... and they're on all the time too!   End this madness!

I finished eating the second third of my 2.5 lb tri tip roast.  Man, this was such a great investment.   I'll do it again, although I'd do it as a dry rub the next time around.

Tri Tip truly is great... it's a bit like brisket, although it's a lean meat, and the brain child of Santa Maria, about half way up the state here in CA.  I love it.

I said to my buddy Jacob Rosales, "If Canelo knocks out Floyd Mayweather in the early rounds of Saturday's Boxing Match, I will drive all the way up to San Francisco and buy you a drink."  We both got a good laugh thinking about that outcome.

Jets... I tend to not talk sports straight up in this space, not in the way that I used to aside from the LOCKS of the Week.  BUT, the Jets showed some real heart last night.   I felt vindicated selecting them with the 12 point spread, took the points, and conquered.  The Jets only lost by three!  Geno Smith had an interesting night, some good, some very good passes, and then a whole bunch of underthrown passes which either cost them touchdowns or lent to interceptions, but he also had WR's dropping balls everywhere.   For a rookie, not a bad night!

I have an ongoing bet with my buddy Gerry in Piscataway.  He was on the podcast on Wednesday and knocked it out of the park.  Anyway, when the baseball season began, I said the Rays would have more wins than the Blue Jays this year.   Gerry bet the Blue Jays to have more wins.  The guy who got it right would get a Chipotle burrito, paid for by the losing party.  Well friends!  We are down to 5 games: any combination of five Rays wins or Jays losses.  It's the "Chipotle Magic Number."  You'll see updates on it on my facebook and twitter, so if you were wondering what that meant, you're now up to date.

Tomorrow I go to a wedding for my Aunt.   I'm happy to see her moving into Matrimony (once again; this will be her third wedding).  My whole family should be there... should be fun!

I think that's all for today's entry.  Hope all's well.  Have a good weekend!

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