Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 12th

I don't know how I'm going to top yesterday's blog entry, I was into it!

I hope you all didn't mind my tribute to September 11th on last night's podcast.   I felt I may have gone a tad over the line jumping on a soapbox with a couple points.  In particular I went off on a tangent about how I thought people used the "war on terrorism" as an excuse for intolerance of other cultures.  I may have overdone that angle, and I hope nobody felt too uncomfortable with that subject.  However, I stand by what I said -- I just wasn't sure if I should have been so adamant about it on a fun loving sports podcast.

I don't tolerate intolerance, if that makes any sense.  My father and mother's families both came here to America and built great lives and great fortunes.  They also were naturalized in due time.   If that ain't an American dream, what is? 

I'm actually pretty impressed at my pop's command of the English language.  He speaks English way better than a lot of guys who were born and bred in the States.  He's always a stickler for grammatical things and so on too.   I love my Dad.  You know fellas?  My Dad has such a great sense of humor, and he's not at all indecisive or necessarily loopy or anything either, but a great sense of humor, sharp wit and all that.  The loopiness I have comes from my Mom.  She sometimes forgets what she ate for breakfast, or gets the sugar free peanut butter instead of the regular one because she wasn't paying attention.  But her passion for her children and her generosity is *wonderful.*  I love my Mom.

I feel so privileged to be in such a good family.   I'm really glad to have supportive parents.  I can't even believe how nice they are -- they don't need to be, but they are, because they care.  That means a lot.

When I turned 30 I started to appreciate my family a great deal more than usual.   I'm not sure what clicked but I'm really glad they're there for me, and I hope I'm doing my part being there for them too.

You know, just 7 years ago, "Gilligan" was synonymous with a dopey red-shirt wearing joker on an island with his tubby Skipper bossing him around.  Today "Gilligan" is also the creator of the best TV show on cable today (well I thought so): Breaking Bad.

It's been quite a ride, and when they announced a spin-off of BB I was doing the dance.   It's interesting to see what they'll do taking a side character like Lawyer Saul Goodman and making a whole show from it.  Stay tuned.

Last night I was *pumped.*   I was dreaming of eating meat with charred edges all week, and when I got off the bus, after the joker decided to purposely go 10 miles an hour, I went to the local store and picked up a tri tip roast.  About 2.5 lbs of meat... so I put the whole thing on the gas grill after preheating it, cover the grill, go 15 minutes a side, and it looked amazing!

Now the meat was, for me, overdone, but I think we had about medium well "done-ness" with the meat, and those charred edges I desired.    I was into it.  The meat was a little overdone, but I was all right with that because I knew, hey, I know how to fix it.. .it's an easy adjustment.  One less minute on either side.   YES BABY.

It looked so amazing though... so professional even.   Tri tip is IT... and I think I only ate 1/3 of the roast last night.  I can chow down into the other parts of it tonight.

I also got some green grapes for only $1.28 a pound.  Between all this and the plums, my grocery shopping is on *fire!*

I think that's all the time I have for this entry.  Enjoy your Thursday, fellas!

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