Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: September 11th

A few updates to our official LOCKS of the Week entries for 2013:

One -- our titling of the entry will no longer denote a specific week within a season i.e. "NCAA Week 2, NFL Week 1"   The titles were getting long and unruly.  They were also redundant... "LOCKS of the Week Week 2?"  Instead, we'll just post the date of the entry into the title, for easy reference.

Second -- and this is a tough one, but I can no longer do the "stone-cold-lead-pipe-locks" fast paced dopey segues like I used to.   I love formulating the snappy segues i.e. "watch for the Eagles to swoop down and lay the points against San Diego like bird eggs.  and from the City of Brotherly love we go to the County of Jackson -- KANSAS CITY!"  However, I will be more selective about including these segues: I'll only use them if they come immediately to mind.  I won't have time to brainstorm them.

Third -- we are re-instating NFL LOCKS of the Week.  After a fallout with bogus NFL predictions over five years, I discontinued the use of NFL LOCKS of the Week, but this year, I feel much better about it, especially since I had two picks which struck gold (Denver and Dallas).  So the NFL (blam) LOCKS (snap) of the Week (ping!)  are back in action.

As always, the most important part of these entries are the virtual wagers themselves, so let's do it.

Second edition today, we snuck in one under a "Thoughts of the Day" entry last week.  Here we are, officially for

Dave's (conk)
LOCKS (bink)
of the Week (zing!)

We start in College...   Game Number One, to quote my good friend John in CT: it's Tulsa in Ooooooooooooooooooooklahoma where the cream puffs travel on the range, but not this one!  Tulsa's a darn good team, and criminally underrated getting 24 whopping points at Norman.  This speedy brigade will round up em up and cover RAWHIDE vs OU.  Tulsa +24 at Oklahoma.

Hi-ya up a ways from the panhandle and into the Pacific Northwest, where the Volunteers visit the Ducks of Oregon.  Good luck keeping pace with the Ducks, 'teers.  I like Oregon -27.5 at home.

Then we hit up the DAVE UPSET SPECIAL: Let's be honest here, this isn't an upset, this is a misappropriated line.   I was a little surprised when I saw Wisconsin getting 5.5 at Arizona State.  Nothing against the Sun Devils, but a spread team like Wisconsin matches up well with ASU.  Wisconsin definitely find any position fair game to run the ball and from QB James White and on, you have players that can move and groove.  The Wisky defense will be challenged by the Sun Devils but don't underestimate a high scoring team like Wisconsin.  Wisconsin +5.5 on the road.

Onward to the NFL picks...

First of all, I'm going with the Jets +12 at New England.  The Pats are gimpy, lacking consistent WR's and probably still rusty.   I think the Patriots will be a better offensive team down the road, but they might have trouble with the Jets' good pass coverage even without Darelle Revis.  If the Jets get a good pass rush, and at this point who's to say they will, NY might be good for the outright upset, but as of now I'll just select the Jetsies to cover at Gillette.  Jets +12 on the road.

Finally, we go to the home of the Jets at MetLife Stadium in NJ, where their co-habitants, the Football Giants host the Denver Broncos, riding high after a galloping win against the Ravens last Thursday.   It would seem obvious to take the Broncs in a rout but no no!  I like the G-MEN.   This is the ultimate "trap bet" for anyone laying points.  I'll go the other way and count on the Giants to work their way back with a good offense that I think can take advantage of the Broncos iffy secondary.  Giants +5.5 at home.

So to recap, Tulsa +24 at OU, Oregon -27.5 at home, Wisconsin +5.5 at ASU, Jets +12 at NE, and Giants +5.5 at home.   Bring on the games!

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