Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 26th

What is up fellas?

It's been a tremendous week.   Two more days.  Thursday is going to be the real rush of traffic here on campus.  With all the beautiful people back at it.  It's very exciting.

I had a wish to go train with the UCLA Ladies' Diving Team.  Stupid idea, but whatever, it was in my imagination.  They're beautiful people too, my friends.

Sometimes they do show up when we do our practices at Sunset.  UCLA Diving does some dry-land training over at Sunset off to the side of where the pool.  All right, I digress.

It might be time for another McAWESOME sandwich: an egg mcmuffin (which has the egg and ham) with a sausage patty slipped in the middle.  Now my friends tell me Jack n' the Box sells a sandwich with all the meats.  But I gotta admit -- something about the Canadian Bacon McDonald's uses that sets it apart.  It does seem to hit home more than the one from Jack in the Box.

What makes any bacon "Canadian?"   I think it really is just "ham."   So Canada doesn't want to fry the pork all the way, nothing against that!

Really, my goal in life is to jump off the 10m platform and into the pool.  Kobe Bryant did this earlier in the year.  Pretty awesome.

He jumped off that thing with his shoes on... odd landing no?

Will there ever be a second season of ABC's Splash?  Probably not.

Speaking of "failed ABC shows"  good lord, did anybody see the premiere of "The Goldbergs?"  I had no interest in that show whatsoever, but Coach expressed a morbid curiosity about it, so we checked it out.  Man... it was just as terrible as it looked in the promos.   Is it canceled yet?

That's all for a Thursday.  Back at it tomorrow.  Catch you then!

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