Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 30th

Breaking Bad is truly one of the great TV shows of all time.  I don't think it's an exaggeration or an overreaction.   To have television, writing, directing, and acting that consistently good for five years is *hard.*  To have a series' final episode hit all its spots and resolve 52 plotlines is nearly impossible.  To have an outcome somewhat plausible, in some areas predictable, yet so satisfying is unbelievably great.   To have every episode connect to one another over about 60+ shows is outstanding.  Thanks to Vince Gilligan and all the rest for producing a tremendous program and an incredible story arc.

Now, I imagine many folks reading the blog today were wondering if I'd divulge some juicy deets, but I decided not to.   The show speaks for itself, I wrote a couple references on Twitter, and adding to that, some folks haven't seen the Finale yet i.e. they recorded it on the DVR but didn't have time for it yesterday evening.   I also think so many have already written about the final episode and its permutations or ramifications.

Breaking Bad was one in a series of great triumphs of the weekend, both personal and sporting world related. Here were the others.

a) Georgia finally won that big regular season game (again): After the other big win against South Carolina weeks ago, Georgia had its biggest test to date in a home game against LSU.   Simply the second toughest team from the SEC West Division, and Georgia managed to keep pace, then win the game on a winning touchdown drive by the often criticized Aaron Murray.  I was so pumped for Georgia and their fans... woo!  What a day to be a bulldog.

b) Lane Kiffin FINALLY GOT FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!  DO THE DANCE!!!  I don't care if they fired him in the parking lot or in the pain reliever section of Walgreens.  He's done!  He's OUT!!!  He was a joke, and he was one of the most boorish, unlikeable, arrogant pains in the rear we've ever seen in sports.  He gets NOTHING.  HE LOSES!!  GOOD DAY SIR.   I would be surprised if anyone had sympathy for him at this hour, but even if you did -- you can bet he'll be a coordinator somewhere else someday.   What a day.

I celebrated this moment early on Sunday morning, and you wouldn't believe how shocked I was when I found out and HOW I found out.  I was watching the game late last night on ESPN2, and I told my buddy Get Your Own Show "you know?  This blowout loss is a good thing.  Two more games like this and Kiffin is GONE."

Then the next morning I hear the news and I didn't even have to wait the "two more games!"  I was giddy with excitement.  Instead of regular coffee, I went to the Starbucks and ordered a Salted Caramel Mocha.  You also would not believe how I found out.  The firing was so early in the morning that I actually heard WFAN break the story while I was listening to Franceser's bogus NFL pregame radio show.  You *know* something happened quite a while ago if you find out about it on WFAN.  Usually they're the last to report a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g in sports.  In fact, I barely got up from bed hearing that and had to check the internet just to make sure, and there it was, posted on twitter via an official SC Webpage link.

This was truly a great day.  Beebs wrote to me the good news and he was pumped too.   Other weekend triumphs.

c) I learned how to grill ribeye steak on a gas grill.  Saw two ribeye filets for 12 bucks i.e. 6 bucks each at the store, so I took them home, seasoned with kosher salt and pepper, then grilled both of them about 4 minutes a side.   They came out terrifically.   Medium rare on the inside, juicy and tasty.

d) My Saturday swim.  Sometimes I will go to the Saturday Masters workout swim on campus, and that fateful morning, I went there and swam better than I ever remembered swimming before.  Against a group that used to lap me every so many laps, I kept pace with all of them and even took the 2nd spot in the order for our group of 4 swimmers in the lane.  I couldn't believe how well I was maintaining pace.  Usually they just take off and blow me away.  Is it possible I'm swimming faster now?  I was so happy that morning.  Positively swimming with excitement at the end, if that makes any sense.

e) College Pick'em.  I rebounded greatly this week in College Pick'em after a brutal week either last week or the week before.  Good stuff.  

I think that does it for weekend triumphs.

That's all for football talk.

Do you ever worry about the shower head in your bathroom?   Sometimes you get a little water leaking out of it, and this hasn't happened at the new place, but in previous apartments you'd think about it, worry a tad, and see the shower head come off some.   I imagined like what would happen one day if you turned on the shower and got in, then the shower head poped right off the faucet with the water and smacked you in the back.  OI that would hurt!

I think that's all today.   Happy Monday everyone.

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