Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 25th

I know Shaq *owned* the Kings for years back in the day, but he didn't have to take this literally!  Well -- he's now part owner of the Sacramento Kings.  You know what?  Good for him!   I won't be a mongo and harbor some fabricated animosity for "going to a rival team."  Nah, Shaq is first and foremost his own empire.  The Lakers were privileged to have him at our service for about a decade.  I would not be one to claim some "franchise ownership" of his legacy.

Now Magic would never do this.  Larry Bird would never do this.   None of those old school Celtics or Knicks would do such a thing... but remember you guys, Shaq's his own man.   Cannnnnnnnnnnn youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dig iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit?

Staying with basketball, I think we all know Blake Griffin is pretty miserable as a post up player.  The kid just can't play the post.  The only post he's played is the one between his legs!

Whoo baby... hahahahah "baby" and I mean "baby"... Griff goes out, meets a lady, has a child with her and they separate.  Let me tell you, reading that whole article was such a waste of time, and what a shameful job by Fox "Sports" publishing that and not TMZ or something, but I still thank them -- for offering me a cheap punchline.

It's like that free lever pull at the slot machines in the Casino.  And you know Blake Griffin knows a few things about pulling his lever!

Are the people in San Francisco starting to get nervous???  The 49ers, with a loss to the Rams on Thursday, will fall to an unfathomable 1-3 after four weeks.  That's insane.   Really, 49ers?   We all thought the Niners were the second best team in the NFC West, and possibly the second best in the whole conference.  Instead, this?  THIS?   Injuries, they say!  Lack of execution they say!   I say, one more loss here and they blew the whole season.  Stay tuned.

Did a swim last night and I felt really good and I mean REALLY good in the pool.   Met a couple newbs there, including a lady student... who seemed to be good enough for lane 1 despite the rust.  ANYWAY, swim last night was fantastic.   I figured out, finally how to get in a REALLY good dolphin kick.  Anchoring the feet together and kicking up AND down while moving my head up and down for propulsion did wonders.  The dolphin kick was decent going in, but now I can move way past the flags and into the "alternating colors" part of the lane line with ease.  I was really happy with the effort! 

Fellas... I have a swim meet coming up around October 20th.  I hadn't done a full swim meet in roughly a year, since Fall 2012, I believe.   I feel like I've gotten a good deal faster since then and with better technique.  I am PUMPED to do this meet, but I really need to do one more thing:  get more consistent with actual swimming.  I need reps... I need 3-5 swims a week.  Not 2!   I'm working on it, but this week feels optimistic for a solid full week of swimming.

I had breakfast yesterday and with it came the Tater Tots.  Something was in the air that day, or in the grease maybe, because the tots were out of this world good.     I hadn't had the tots in weeks, but that was worth it.

Somebody asked me on Monday "What is the significance of the donut as your avatar on Twitter?"  and I said to him, "I like donuts."

How bad do you have to be to blow a bobblehead promotion?   The Yankees had one shot at a big bobblehead day and they blew it.  HOW?   Is it really that hard to get in a truck full of bobbleheads?  

Yesterday morning, I got on the bus with my phone in my hand and my swim bag on my shoulder.   The bus barely rounds the corner, and by then I'm trying to get to my seat... but I wasn't fully *set* yet!  So I'm reaching for a bar and the bus driver screeches to a halt and I go flying all the way to the front of the bus... I mean would you get outa here??  I desperately trying to grab onto something, and instead my whole wallet flies out of my left hand and I'm about to fall when I find a bar to grab with my left hand.   My left ear bud pops right out of my ear.  AMAZINGLY, my right hand never dropped my Galaxy S4...  I don't think I fell either, but I can't remember.  What an experience.  I picked up my wallet and then sat down, I was just glad I didn't break any bones.

Interesting question... will the movie "Rush" about the Formula One Driver have a better domestic box office profit than "42" did?   "42" made $95 million at the box office this year.  Not too bad at all, but a gettable figure.  

That's probably all for today.  I had a point I wanted to make about something that people say or did that I thought was really cliche and possibly annoying, but after eating the strudel and ice cream for dessert last night, then looking at the new NHL Division realignment, I forgot all about it.

My dinner last night was just a bowl of tomato soup and a handful of peanuts.  I'm not even sure if that qualifies as a meal...  but life goes on.

That's that...'til Thursday, everyone!

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