Monday, September 9, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 10th

First of all, thank you for bearing with me during my mini absence on the blog.  Just been so busy, up late, etc., so I didn't get to write up anything.

Now!   I was going to do my usual thoughts but I've had this Texans/Chargers game on for the last three hours and I can't turn it off!  Could you believe how the Chargers went up 21 points only to give up *all of it* in the second half.

Even with a new coach and some new personnel in the front office, the Chargers are up to all their shenanigans again!  It is IN-SANE.

Last night, I sliced a pineapple for the first time.  Took me a while to figure out what knife to use and where to cut.  I got it!   That was terrific.  I ate a lot of pineapple but still only finished half of it.  The other half waits for me in the fridge.

If Team USA soccer needs motivation for the World Cup, consider this.  I was born into  half of a Mexican family, meaning my Dad's side.  They and almost everyone who has a heritage in Mexico have seen their team make the World Cup time after time... nearly their entire lives.   With a win, Team USA has a chance to end multiple decades of Mexican History in the World Cup.  They can knock them out of the tournament *entirely.*   That's gotta be on the minds of Team USA.

Los Mexicanos Amigos de la Tierra were in the show.  Every four years.  To be shut out of such a tournament completely would be devastating to a soccer program already in disarray.  Mexico already fired their longtime coach over the weekend.  They've been very mediocre in their qualifying play.  Even games at their home field haven't fared so well.  Times are not great... so for Team USA, if there was ever a time to get their longtime soccer rival by the throat, tonight is it.
For whatever it's worth, soccer isn't my passion really... my passions are Lakers Basketball, Baseball, and Football with a little Kings Hockey in between.

Speaking..... oh ho ho ho, SPEAKING of football... this MESS they call "USC Football" has really come to a head.  Lane Kiffin, with three years to find a new qb, did NOTHING.  Now SC is the single worst program in the Pac 12.  Name me a worse one!  Utah?  Nope, they showed some heart to start the year.  Colorado?  Maybe, but they're building up what I think could be a good o-line and d-line.   Washington State BEAT USC, so how about them apples?   Washington clobbered Boise State.

THERE IS NO WORSE PROGRAM IN THE WHOLE CONFERENCE THAN USC!!!!   What a *disgrace!*   The SC defense is still playing really well, however.

I just wanted to say goodbye to a local television icon: Cal Worthington.  He and his jokers who he called "his dog Spot", who looked nothing like a dog, dominated every commercial break on LA TV stations for years.  When I was growing up, you'd see that joker, Adee-Do!, Jack Stephan, Larry H. Parker, and all the common jokers of the LA business scene.     Anyway, Cal was a character.  He died on Sunday, while he was watching football.  If you're gonna die, what a way to go!   Farewell, Cal.

and this is just ONE of his 9 gabillion commercials he did over 42 years, yes, he was still rolling out commercials even over the last year.  I think they said maybe his son was doing most of the commercials towards the end, but this guy was always a hoot!  The best thing here is he never ran out of ideas.  Two free dinners at some pit stop named "Victoria Station?"   Any comedic spoof of a car dealership owes its gratitude to Cal Worthington for his marketing ideas. another commercial he said "I've been your dealer for [x] years, I ain't going no place!"  and I'll be gosh darned if he never did.

The last few months, I remember driving past the Cal Worthington dealership along the 405 freeway.  Just like the commercial said, it was off the Bellflower Blvd. exit in Long Beach... but ol 'cow kept on going to Orange County.

If you're dying for a blog, go read 'cow
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I'm dying for some goodies today but big news... I LANDED that cookie from NY Bagel on Saturday.  My only disappointment was that I also tried the breakfast sandwich and was less impressed by it.   The ingredients were great individually but I didn't like how they microwaved the whole thing to get it hot.  It seemed like they precooked the eggs and bacon.   Ah well, I'll go with the standard issue bagel with lox spread next time.  I've had great success with that!

Coach seemed like he might have been hosed by DIRECTV.  He got wind of my DIRECTV negotiating skills and asked if I could intervene with Directv to get the NFL Sunday Ticket offer he was supposed to get back in June.  I'll get to the bottom of this...

That's all from here!  Have a good Tuesday...

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