Monday, September 2, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 3rd

Wow!  Welcome to September my friends!  Glad to be here...

It just got hot again... my goodness, welcome to summer... in September.

We get those here in SoCal... summer weather in September and October.   I remember one time, during a Monday Night football game at my old apartment, my buddies and I got together to watch the game and it was just sweltering at 8pm that night, as the game was ending.  All of us were sweaty and all that.  It was a mess.  Most people have crisp autumn evenings and falling leaves.  In LA, we get southern bayou weather.   Imagine that??

Until last week, weather this summer had been unbelievably great!   It didn't get that hot at all, so I don't have any real reason to complain, but I bet I still will.  

Friday night, my family and I (those aged over 18) went to see America's Got Talent hopeful Taylor Williamson in concert with Tone the Chiefrocca and other acts opening for him.  We were in line to see the show and both Taylor and the two guys from Tone the Chiefrocca walked right by all of us to get into the comedy club.  I've never interacted this closely with people from AGT ever.  We got to talk to both acts after the show.  That was really cool!

It's a little surprising how much of the talent from the show is relatively local.  Anyway, it was a good time.

The rest of the weekend was low key.  I *did* get in some monster swims on Sunday and Monday.  Boy were those good swims!   I felt like I killed it out there.   So proud of that effort.  In particular, I tried three 100 yard short course swims where I alternated fly and free per 25 yards.   I was turning and burnin'.  

Monday's swims were pretty serious too.  8 x 100 for a main set, and just when you thought they'd go easy on our slow lane, NO!  We got the same 8 x 100, and the 6 x 100 IM switching AND the 4 x 100 free again.   We just ran out of time for the 2 x 100 stroke, but I converted to 2 x 50.

By the way, our interval was 2:20, and I believe I got it in 15 seconds ahead of that early on for those 100's.  That means I'm getting in 100 meters SCM in about 2:05... that's a pretty significant speed increase from where I was about two years ago.  Do the dance!  I remember going about 2:10 on those back then.

You know, this whole month of August I've been driving around in my car and Jack FM kept playing this song by Cinderella called "Nobody's Fool" which goes "Nobody's Fool!  Nobody's Fooooooooooooool!"  Now I can't get it out of my head.  But *damn*, this song is pretty good!   I don't even like Hair Metal but for whatever reason that one gets me going.  I love the buildup and the slow burn to a big crescendo.  Hair Metal bands were mostly annoying but they had it made with the ballads.

I tried to get a cookie at Sweet Lady Jane bakery yesterday morning but I did not realize they were closed on Holidays.  Drat!  It would have been a great cookie.

You ever notice that if you're a guy and you post something on Facebook barely anyone responds to it?  But if a *girl* posts it, dozens of likes and numerous comments.   Go figure.

Ever try swimming after a couple drinks?  That was the Sunday swim!   Had a few alcoholic beverages, walked home (I was sober all right, just getting the heart burn), then tried swimming.  I mentioned a few paragraphs ago that the swim went great, but I felt a little tinge of gas or some other feeling in my intestinal area.

You know how annoying sports media can be?  Saturday morning, dozens of breaking news tweets and other announcements, EVERYWHERE declaring the Patriots cut Tim Tebow.  Would you all get on with it already?!  Tebow sucks!   Haven't we heard enough?

I tried to write down some joke ideas this weekend for a possible open mic night at the comedy clubs, but it didn't go so well.  I came up with like two jokes and I can't even say if they're that funny.   It depends on delivery.

Speaking of delivery, I tried the Domino's "new look" pizza on Thursday, and it was better, but still not very good.  Dominos has a long way to go.

I've been struggling to stay awake lately.  Even after a really long sleep from 10pm to 6am on Monday morning I did my swim and came back only to nap for two hours.  Huh??  Has it ever happened to you?   I seem ok now, but that was very strange.

That's all from here.  Enjoy your Tuesday!

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