Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 16th

Happy Monday You All!

Good to see you all here on a Monday.   I tend to get annoyed when mainstream media shows try to recap *every single* game on the NFL Schedule... it gets incredibly tedious because they'll get to games and teams that just aren't that interesting.  Is it really necessary to break down Raiders/Jags?   Summary:  The Jags are garbage.   Easy enough for me!

Doesn't it seem like the role of Hank from "Breaking Bad" was offered to Weird Al Yankovic before the other guy got it?   He has that same "stare" that Hank does on the show.

People talk about how tiny Bob Costas is...  Well... it's true.

Seattle looks like the real deal folks.

Miami looks legit, folks.

Bama does not seem anything real or legit at this point.  They really struggled to put away Texas A&M with Johnny Manziel.  Just how good are the Alabama Crimson Tide?  I feel like they're more beatable this year.  We'll find out for sure.

Saturday was not my day.  Saturday NIGHT was all right... except for the Dodgers game, which I followed and saw them get browbeaten by SF.  But the day wasn't working out so well.

I got invited by my work buddies to a Noodle Convention, specifically a Ramen Festival out in Torrance.   So I went over there to try it out and all I saw was a HUGE line!   The line stretched for at least three blocks, probably four.  So I get in line, and it's like the Bungalow line all over again.  I'm waiting there, sun in my face, killing time, then the line moves along, and after about 45 minutes I get in... only to see another line!!

There was a separate line to get food tickets.. a line to get to a line?!?  THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS.  So after all of that waiting, and with my friends still trying to get there... bear in mind I already told my buddies beforehand I had to leave at 12pm so that I could make my Aunts wedding that afternoon... I called my friend and told him I had to go.  I was not about to wait in a meal ticket line inside for another hour.

I cut my losses and went to a place called "Hugo's Deli" across the street.  The sign caught my eye.  "A Deli?  In a nondescript strip mall next to a gas station which looks like a series of law offices?  I should try it."  Just to make sure, I looked it up on Yelp -- rave reviews, especially for their Tri Tip Sandwich.  So I go in, and Hugo greets me, very friendly, and affable.   Struck up a conversation we did and he set me up with a noice Tri Tip Sandwich which went through a panini press.  Folks, it was *amazing.*  Tender tri tip, fixings, cheese, and this crispy toasted sandwich roll.  I loved it.    Hugo's in Torrance is a real winner.

So, the Ramen Convention was an epic fail, but discovering Hugo's was a nice silver lining.

The next day, after all of that and a modest but well done wedding for my Aunt in Lancaster, I got up and listened to some of Tank's Football Sunday show on WFAN.  Later, Coach and a friend of his who stayed the night asked if I was ready to go to souplantation.

I agreed and we chatted and ate breakfast there before the early NFL games.   Ah, I love Souplantation.   My favorite thing for breakfast there, besides the biscuits and sausage gravy, is their Chilaquiles.  All it is, is cheese, some eggs, and salsa blended with tortilla chips in a frying pan and served hot.  Maybe it's baked too in some cases, but anyway, it's fantastic.  

You know what else was fantastic that day?  You wouldn't believe it -- the granola at SP was unbelievable.  Something golden tasting about it.   I didn't even put milk in it or anything.  And!  I, being the joker that I am, got a small serving of soft serve ice cream at the end to round it out.

I may have to visit a ramen restaurant for real soon to make up for the botched attempt on Saturday.  Meanwhile there's a very busy week ahead.    On Saturday, a friend and I are going to see the USC game vs Utah State.  Later that night, I'll be joining my other friends for a birthday party at Universal City.   Thursday is the big Chiefs/Eagles game.   Wednesday is the podcast.  Tuesday is the final round of America's Got Talent.

Tonight -- the Monday Night Football debacle between the Steelers and Bungles from Cincy.  Expect a beatdown.   That's all from here.  Catch you all tomorrow!

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