Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 9th

We start today's entry from the bus as I head to work.

Yesterday at mid day I had a nice swim but my neck hurts.... I think it got subburnt.   I really gotta be more careful.

Why is Mac Mail such a lousy program?   I have colleagues who use it and it is ALWAYS something!   It doesn't get the emails, it crashes, it bogs down, I mean, this is a lame piece of software!

Who was the joker that thought honey raspberry and mustard seeds were a good idea for a dip?   I got a sample of it in the mail and was too grossed out by the texture.... its like it couldnt decide if it was jam or dip.   Very weird.

Strawberries are deceptively filling.  Eat a basket and its like having half a chicken.   They digest quickly though.

Whats the *deal* with the Mets amd extra innings?  It's not like one or two either per game.   They average fifteen innings per extra inning game, it is crazy!

I am not decided on Dolphins vs Bucs for an upcoming Monday Night Football game.   Is that a good matchup?   It might be!  Just depends on how both seasons go right?

Short entry today... hope youre all enjoying your tuesday, til tomorrow.

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