Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 17th

Mariano's entrance in the All Star Game, with "Enter Sandman" played by the *Mets* P.A., even in the 8th inning: that was a pretty darn good moment!

...and if you think about it, the only thing memorable about an otherwise dull and uninteresting All Star Game.   It's really too bad there wasn't more juice there.

Lately I've found the Home Run Derby to be more interesting than the All Star Game in baseball.  I don't really know why but one reason for it is because the Home Run Derby is more competitive.  More dazzling moments in the form of monster home run shots.  Yesterday, Yoennis Cespedes launched many of those dazzling shots deep into the stands at Citi Field.

All in all, a big success for the borough of Queens this year and the All Star Game.  It's not Citi or the Mets' fault that the NL's players couldn't deliver in the big game.   It also wasn't their fault the 7 train soiled the bed on Monday night.  Oiiii!  I really had to feel for all the fans who were trapped at the Willets Point station.  My sympathies to all.

You know what espresso shots are?  They're the equivalent to sucking straight out of the soft drink syrup carton.  Usually you combine the soft drink syrup with carbonated water to form soda, but imagine just drinking the syrup?  It's potent!  That's also the effect of espresso at the cafe.

At the bar, you get this little drink gun with a dozen tiny buttons on it.  Two of the buttons shoot out Coke and Sprite.  One other one shoots out regular water, and I believe one is for carbonated water.  NOW... there are still 8 other buttons on the gun!  Why don't they use it for orange soda, root beer, and the like?  Or do they?  As far as I know I've only seen the two basics on that bar-hose.

Imagine 8 soda flavors on that hose.  It would make the bartender's life so much easier!

To this day, I do not know why, WHY they never came up with "Diet Cactus Cooler."   They have diet flavors of every other soda invented, but not cactus cooler.  It boggles the mind.  I *love* cactus cooler... maybe we want to watch calories and enjoy the combination of orange and pineapple at the same time.  Ah well.

Keith Olberman returns to the ESPN Family via ESPN2.  I'll give him a year.

I could use a soda now.. haha.  Good times ahead.

Oh!  My work colleagues and I are heading to Marty's Hamburger Stand tomorrow... it's over on Pico Blvd near Fox Studios and the golf course.   I'm a fan... they use Vienna Sausage hot dogs and cook good hamburgers.  Apparently their best item is the burger with the hot dog on *top* of it.   This is a damn good fast food stand my friends.

That's all from here.  Enjoy your two sports-less days you all...

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