Monday, July 15, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 16th

Whoeee there's not much sports action going on.

Home Run Derby last night.   All Star Game tonight.  Nothing else until Friday.  This is a good time to talk about anything else.   ..good news, fellas, you came to the right place.  Do the dance!

Actually, not much going on.  Nice calm week at work.  Good weather, life is all right.

The issue with my new amp continues... it's under repair at the West LA repair shop.   In the meanwhile, I, being the goober that I am, saw a special for a used audio receiver some place in Northridge, another Audio Dealer specializing in custom installation, but just like Northridge, this place was more blue collar in nature.

Refreshing and interesting.  I went out there on the same day I met the snooty guy in Santa Monica.  In fact, I went to the Northridge place just afterward.   Anyway, it was in the store, a 30 year old receiver with meager looking facilities... just a couple knobs and a few switches.   It was very clean though!  So, I took it back.

I know, what am I going to do with *two* audio amplifiers?   Well I'll worry about it later.  I'll tell you why.  On Saturday when I connected it, after a long LONG day doing all this audio stuff and going to a Dodgers game with my family *and* visiting some nearby family in Hollywood, I was dazzled by the great audio quality on what was said to be a 20 watt amp.  Now, I have a small room now in my new apartment, but sound appropriated the room like a symphony.  So much depth and dynamic range.  Instruments loud, soft, left, and right.  Even front and back.  It was a very three-dimensional sound.  I loved it!   --this was all coming from the old receiver.   It was tremendous.

It's a pickle all right, but I think it's a problem I want to have.  There's always the possibility of returning the lemon, the "new" piece, but I doubt they'll take it back.  Instead, I could just advertise it on ebay or just keep it and A/B the music on the new amp and then the old one.

I think what happens is this:  if the new amp returns and it works, I'll use it for the bedroom.  The old one can go into the living room and become the "party amp."  We can play music on it during parties and set up two sets of speakers on the unit (the old amp has two sets of speaker terminals).  Bazinga, problem solved.

Might just use one set of speakers for the old amp, but either way, there's room for two!


I wish I had snappy lines today but they're not coming to me.  Let me do the best that I can...

Well friends....  I now have a strong desire to try the "Texas Sampler" at Bludso's.  They, my fellas, are way over in Compton.   It's a ways from where I live here in Santa Monica.  In fact, the only time I could even do it is a Saturday or a Sunday or when I have a day off in the middle of the week.

I'll tell you what, the Texas Sampler is HUGE.  The other thing is, no beef ribs in the mix.   I may include one or two since everyone raves about those beef ribs too. 

Worth a shot!   I look forward to that future trip.

Over the years I collected a handful of these Lounge Music CDs from Capitol Records called "Ultra Lounge"  Each volume has its own theme to it, like Organ Music, Cocktail music, A Morning in France, Space Race, Mambo, Jungle, etc.  There were 18 of these CDs!  They're all really cool. 

Now I'd like to see if I can get all the discs.   I have roughly four of them right now, I haven't counted.  I can find the rest if I try really hard.  I bet many of them are on Amazon.

Dang.  I think that's it for today.   Hope you enjoy the archived blog posts in light of this shortened entry.  Til tomorrow...

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