Monday, July 29, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 30th

This is *not* the last day of July.

The number of days in July vs the number of days in June can get mixed up sometimes.  I always knew that June had 30 days and August had 31 days, but I often would forget that July had 31 days as well.  I was worried because I thought the rent would be due a day I got my paycheck but no!  This was not the case, do the dance!

So tempted to drink another Cactus Cooler.  I can't drink them every *day*... that's very bad for me.

The peach season is over.  Peaches doubled in price from 99 cents to $1.99 a pound, so I moved on to something else.  It was a good three weeks!  I now chew on plums and oranges.

Time Warner and CBS are now at a standstill.  CBS cut off *all* of its networks from Time Warner Cable systems nationwide.  People in our Nation's larges markets are now deprived of CBS, CBS Sports, Showtime, and others. 

...but for the rest of us!   We still got our CBS shows... we're good to go for the moment.  

It would be really mean if CBS also cut off its websites from Time Warner Cable internet subscribers, but I don't think that kind of technology exists yet.  but it would be a *scene!* 

I subscribe to Time Warner internet... imagine if I tried to go to and got a forbidden/error message?  That would be a problem my friends!  CBS Sports too.

Ladies out there, you know when you look good?  You look good when you talk to someone and the guy can't come up with complete sentences.   Savor those moments...

They always say you can tell a person's attraction in the first fifteen seconds.. or, maybe I said it wrong, I meant you can tell if two people are attracted to *each other* within the first fifteen seconds.   How amazing is that?   You already know, zing!  Doesn't even take any analysis... that's the magic of love.

Did someone write a song about the "Magic of Love?" I'm sure they did!

We have songs about the Language of Love, the Book of Love, the Art of Love, the Power of Love, the Glory of Love, the Sea of Love... we could go on and on...

I was doing all this research trying to find a quality microphone for the guest commentator on podcasts, then I found this Shure SM58 microphone you can get *anywhere* for 99 bones or less.

I was like, geez, I wasted all this time looking at MD 421's and RE-20s when this baby is just as good.  Especially for the in studio guest... this might be a tremendous enough microphone to get for myself too.

Sometimes you just want a Sausage and Egg sandwich and some Starbucks Coffee.  Those are good days.

My buddies at work yesterday ordered in some Ramen, and one of the fellas emailed to ask "how do you deliver Ramen?  Won't it get soggy?"  He had a point!  Apparently they just delivered the soup and noodles in separate containers.  I didn't join in on that -- I went swimming instead, but I bet it was good food.

That's all from here.  Have a good Tuesday!

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