Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 26th

Keith Olbermann as a sports journalist again.  I don't think I'm used to that yet.

Speaking of his "worst person in the world" award, I have to give it to A-Rod this week.  Is there a bigger, whinier, more self centered yet wishy washy player in the game today.  AND, according to some, he's a cheat!   That's just all the bad cards rolled into one. 

I'm trying to make sense of it all... A-Rod basically tried to convince an independent doctor that he can play.   Oh you know what's up... he wants to get in some reps so that the Yankees have to pay him his contract.   The Yankees are waiting around for MLB to suspend him for the season.  Yankees: stand your ground.   A-Rod doesn't have a leg to stand on and there is no way it'd be worth all that money to pay him. 

Most Yankee fans agree with this strategy.  The only clown that doesn't is Mike Francesa... but while this is true I do not hate him or want him to shrivel up and die.  Mike's consistent -- he defends his own, and if a guy is "his guy" he's going to go to the whip for him.  That's the case here with Alex Rodriguez.   In fact, I am *loving* Mike Francesa's shameless defense of Rodriguez, turning into a real mouthpiece for the guy.  I don't think A-Rod's agent was this good at promoting the guy!

We'll see what develops, get the popcorn ready.

Speaking of, I punted on every conceivable summer movie out there this year.   I intend to make good on this down the road.  Just not right now.   Man!   Where we live, movies are 11-13 bones.  That's no way to live, paying over ten bucks to watch a movie?  What if the movie isn't any good???   It's a whole lot of pressure.

No matter how hard they try with the commercials, those Casinos out in the boonies are *just* not going to have the true Vegas experience.  You see commercials for San Manuel and Pechunga, or Mohegan Sun out in Connecticut, and it makes it seem like "it's just like Vegas!"   Go there... all right they have the blackjack and slots all right, but the vibe man.. not EXACTLY the same... not EXACTLY the same showstoppers you see in Sin City.  

One thing about the "other casinos" that I like though, is the relatively accessible, sometimes affordable, live music.  Yeah, I know, a lot of these acts are part of the "has-been" tour (grins/adjusts mic) but I can get into it.

I want to invite a buddy to that King's Hawaiian restaurant I blogged about a while ago.  I'm telling you, those nachos are out of this world!  Can't decide when to do this... maybe Friday, *maybe* Saturday afternoon.   The trip is out there for the taking.

I love the sound of a bat when it hits the baseball really hard.  You're talking about a major league CRACK.  It just sounds so good, so authoritative.  It's the best.

I think if I had to rank the top five nachos I've had in the L.A. Area, I'd go something like this...  1. King's Hawaiian Nachos,  2. Tony P's Nachos, 3. Juquila Mexican Restaurant Nachos, 4. Dodger Stadium Nachos (I know this is bogus but I'm being a joker), AND I have a soft spot for the 5. the Nachos at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Not quite how the director intended, but B-Dub Nachos are surprisingly satisfying.

Went for the 90 minute swim last night, which they offer two times a week: Tuesday and Thursday.   Very long amount of swimming, but it was a blast!  Extremely challenging.  Ever try 100 free, 2 x 50s kick, 2 x 50s swim, then a 200 IM, all in a row, THEN repeat the sequence four times?   Whew!   I got through all of it though... the first trial of the set -- we did the 50s as butterfly.  THAT was really hard!

I got through it!  I was determined to complete the entire workout and it succeeded.  My only error was when I kicked too wide for the 50 breaststroke kick.  My pinky toe slammed the lane line and I had an audible yell.   I was worried that I broke the toe, but no!  It was fine, just in pain for a while.

The pinky toe is deceptive.   One might think that it's not that important, but while tiny, it really is critical for good balance and proper kicking when you swim.   It also helps you walk.   It only LOOKS insignificant.  It really isn't.

I feel great right now... my swimming is hitting another level.  I think it is, anyway.

Yes, I too am ready for football season.

This weekend could be a big one for me.  I have the potential to get a new bed and a new phone all in the same weekend.  The bed is not likely (too soon) but the phone... it is ON.

My malfunctioning phone will soon be no more, and I hear Best Buy will let me trade it in for a $50 gift card.  Do the dance!

Imagine a breakfast sandwich on a NY Bagel Co. Bagel in Santa Monica?   Imagine no more!  They have just the thing.  I'll try it one of these days, maybe Saturday.

That's all from here.  Have a good one everyone.  Happy Friday!

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