Thursday, July 11, 2013

Farewell, Ole Friend...

Emotion can be a bizarre circumstance.  We like to say we're in control of them, but I think the moment sometimes takes over.  Today is that moment.

During the mid-day today my MSO informed me that our long-time colleague, who I worked closely with for the better part of four years, died as of today.   She was an Student Affairs person who worked at an office pretty close to mine and I feel like I got to know her fairly well.

She wasn't terribly old, not even sixty.   I grant you this isn't my mother or father, but I think in some ways she was like a mother, offering life advice and shooting the breeze from time to time, great sense of humor.   Up until the day she left the office on disability, over a year ago, she had alway been there for all of us at our office.   She was a good friend.

So...  in a blogspace where I usually post random nonsense about cookies and pizza, I wanted to take a moment to express where I am as of the minute.  Saddened, confused, a little shocked.. grateful too.  I'm grateful I got to know someone who was that caring and legitimate.  In a town full of phony she really was good to all of us here on campus.

I'm not fully surprised, as she was struggling with certain health issues, but I do feel blindsided that it just.... happened.   Not really a warning, or an explanation, or a chance to say goodbye.   It came and went.

Now it is time for me to sort my own thoughts.   I'm a little surprised I'm as emotional as I am, but on the other hand, she was a part of our office for so long.  I think, maybe, there was a part of me that held out hope that she'd be back and bother me again with another computer issue.

I didn't mind.  She was always so grateful for all we did, and full of ideas and energy to boot.  Eventually we found other persons to fill in, but still, it was always in our thoughts, "wait til she's back."

She won't be back.   We all are going to miss her so much.  Farewell Ole Friend...

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