Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 8th


Flying today after a pretty good weekend.  Didn't do a whole lot, but I was away from work for four days straight.  Woo!!!   There's nothing like that good feeling of no obligations for over half a week.


I do want to apologize to America for not taking more advantage of all this free time.  I could have done so much more with the extra two days off... maybe go to Disneyland, maybe go up north and things like that.  However, I needed the extra time to acclimate to Santa Monica and set up everything in my room at the new apartment.  I want to go through an entire billing cycle to make sure I am ready to go for any upcoming roadies.  My family was in town on Saturday and we had a good day touring the nearby area.

In a few weeks I'll be more adventurous, but even just spending the time out here chilling and prepping the room is satisfaction to me.   In fact, I also got a new LACK coffee table for the bedroom.  You can fit a CD player on the little shelf underneath.  It's a very nice table, and really light, yet very sturdy.

The single most frightening thing you face when coming back from a long break like that is workflow.  There could be a backlog of panicked requests coming back to the office that next Monday.  I always feel like when I'm gone for more than one extra day at a time that I'm going to be in a lot of trouble -- a workstation will crash, people will lose all their data, or some joker overseas is going to want my head for not being around to remote desktop his issues on that Friday between July 4th and the weekend.   Yes, you occasionally run into some real troublemakers with some of our clientele.   Anyway, I go in fearing the worst, but  sometimes it's not that bad.

Congratulations to Andy Murray for finally winning a Wimbledon championship for Great Britain!   77 years, was that the number?  WOW!   Great to finally see Britain's own claim their All-Lawn tournament.

This morning I almost thought "England is finally going to win one" but Britain and England are two different things.   Murray is from Scotland anyway, so England itself cannot take complete ownership.   Nevertheless, Scotland and Wales are all on the same island attached to England that it's all considered one big country.  It's not really important.. Brittons are Brittons regardless of the particular municipality, doncha think?

I bought a HUGE bag of peaches at the grocery store yesterday, and so far they are amazing.   I've made the mistake many times of not hitting when the iron is hot with the peaches, but this time I could feel it... these peaches were going to be fantastic.  I went after it and fit as much as I could into that little tear-away plastic bag.  Boy was that good.

Speaking of other missed opportunities, Saturday was National Fried Chicken day, but I forgot about it once my family came over.  We all wanted to go to Bucca di Beppo, an Italian Restaurant, so we went pasta and called it a day.  I thought of trying it today but I wasn't hungry enough for Fried Chicken.

Compounding this issue, I bought two porkchops for Monday night so I can't even get fried chicken on *Monday.*  The only way out of this is if our workplace considers a Korean Fried Chicken delivery for lunch on Monday.  We order in from this place in Westwood every so often.

Here's the million dollar question -- is Korean Fried chicken canon as far as being part of "Fried Chicken Day?"  Even a delayed Fried Chicken day?  I'd say so.   The trick is, we normally don't get the regular pieces but rather the chicken breast strips.

See, suddenly we have all sorts of complications.  Is "Fried Chicken" day for all fried chicken?  Regardless of the form or flavor?  I hope so, because there are many ways to do it.  Ah!  What if you made Buffalo Wings?  They're fried too, won't that count?  What if you had sweet and sour pork at the Chinese restaurant?   There are fried pieces of chicken in there... I believe that would qualify.

Your mileage, as they say, may vary.   Either way, I was late for it by a day plus.  Oi.

It's a nice time of the year... hope you all are doing well and staying cool.  More to come in this space tomorrow.   See you then....

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