Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 15th

Midway point of July, HOW ARE YA?????????????

Anyone would be so privileged to have a night with Lola Heatherton... I don't know if she'd follow through with having one's children though.  #sctvreference

If I wanted to, I could write about 50 lines here that would be confusing to almost everyone.  On the other hand, why would I alienate my audience like that?

I still don't think Chris Davis hits more than 52 home runs this year, but.... BUT...  *37* at the All-Star Break, most since Reggie Jackson who had the same number at this time, still the AL record, is really impressive.

Now let's break this down.  If Reggie Jackson had 37 home runs in 1969 at the break, how did he finish?  Here's your answer:

47!  That means he only hit ten home runs the entire second half, including half of July, August, and September.  I wouldn't be surprised if Davis had a similar total, but I will be more generous and get him 51 total home runs, or 14 homers from now until season's end.

So that's all for the moment.   Check out my previous two entries which I wrote during the weekend.  Enjoy!  Have a good Monday...

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