Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 24th

I get the sense the internet could be brutal today with more political scenarios in the works.  I owe it to my audience to deliver a good blog entry.  Here we go!

My buddy and I saw "America's Got Talent" last night, and let's be honest here, it didn't seem like anyone was blowing me away.   There were a couple pretty good acts but I don't see anything with the style and creativity of Harp Guy from last year, or even the sand dude.   Most innovative act we saw last night was the "Tellavision" group which used nine LED flat panel screens to illustrate a story.

I mean it was very well designed, but it wasn't the kind of act where I'd go "wow!!!  Can you believe what they just did?"  Actually I could *really* believe it.   Nine screens on a matrix... timing, animation, its not easy but entirely plausible.  I might be too harsh with them but it was a similar themed act to the shadow group (which didn't perform this week), but I thought the shadow group was way better.

I was disappointed in the ten year old piano lady... man... I really like her singing style and her voice but she *flubbed* a couple scenarios during her performance.  Oooooh that is not good.  The other half was, I didn't feel the same presence with her on stage at Radio City last night.  It really was too bad:  I was clinging to her as a top four candidate all the way until the last fifteen minutes of the program.  I just couldn't after a while... it was not a big enough performance to advance.  BUT, I hope she makes it anyway.  If she does, you can bet she'll make up for it.

There were a lot of kids involved in last night's show...  kinda odd.  There was a five person dance troupe called "Fresh Faces" and let's face it, they owned it.  I mean they *owned* it with their number... great energy, choreography, style, everything.  When they got on stage, I thought "Oh here we go another kiddie dance group, I've had enough, I'm going to automatically rank them at the bottom..."  Then they did *that*.  Blew all of us away in TV land.

Then there was this complete nutjob with a bad haircut who did some jokes and he'd scream AGARRRRHGGHGHGHGHGHH between every joke.  His material was hit and miss, but his "character," and boy he was a character, was selling it!   So I can dig it, even though I didn't laugh at all his lines.

Kevin Downey Jr's his name... here's his picture!

Good stuff...

I got an email from CNET titled "What is my Computer Doing?"  What an obvious question.  The computer is doing email.

Last night, I went for the Tuesday night swim, so I missed the *entire* Dodgers game.  I didn't even know they had a huge comeback (saw it later on "Quick Pitch").  Anyway, there's this smaller woman there, probably an undergrad and she was a middle of the pool swimmer, meaning she was faster than the slow folks where I swim on one end, but not as fast as the superb swimmers on the other end.  So -- middle of the pool lanes.  Anyway I said hi to her on Friday and she just went "hi" back but didnt really take it anyplace.

That was aight, since not everyone's the talkative type.  Went to say hello again last night and she just said hi back, same routine.  So you know what I did?  While we were doing our set, I'd line it up to where I and she were making the turn at the same time, adjacent lanes... and I *BELTED* it down the other way.  Just took off... fired all the jets with a virtual sprint.  We were supposed to do that anyway on these 300s, "every 4th lap go strong."  But with this less than talkative cutie I was like "I'm going!"  I beat her out!  Even though she's generally a faster swimmer I was proud to be fast enough to beat her on that one lap.

I really had fun with that set yesterday: the "swim strong every fourth lap" addendum was inspired -- I was motoring on every 4th lap, going all into it.

I've been racing people in adjacent lanes here and there throughout the last two weeks to keep it interesting.   I doubt they even know I'm trying to race them.  I just want to see if I can beat out anyone in faster lanes at their regular, normally faster, swim speed.

I also did it once or twice during our sprint Fridays.   I'm a loon but these mini challenges are lots of fun!

A friend of mine pointed me to a "Swimmer Smurf."  They have smurfs for every flavor, and in all the years watching smurfs cartoons I never knew about a "Swimmer Smurf."  It's legit -- apparently a long running character?  The things you learn every day... how about that?

I had been concerned about the lack of tater tots in our universe.  At my local on-campus cafe, they won't serve tots at lunch.  Good news!  A Fab's Hot Dogs outpost opened nearby in Westwood Village.  Now we can have tots whenever we want!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even the late night snack.  Fab's is open 'til 2am.   I had the Fab's Tots at their original location in Reseda.  Oooohhh, they're very good!  The key is to get 'em fresh.

Ah!  On the subject of "Fresh" do you get a little perturbed by the term "Fresh Baked" or "Fresh Grilled?"  I am confused about the syntax.  It doesn't sound like good grammar.  "Fresh" is a condition, it's not a verb.  You can't "Fresh a peach."  You can wash a peach, fresh-EN a peach, but it can't be "Fresh'd" really.

So when commercials use phrases like "Fresh Baked Cookie" is that a proper phrase?  Or do they mean "Fresh, baked cookie."  The COMMA would make the sentence correct, but otherwise I would presume they need to say "FRESHLY baked cookie"... proper use of the adverb renders the statement correctly.

I suppose I could also say it renders the statement "correct" but to do so would require an implied "as", meaning "the statement is rendered [as] correct."

I bet you're reading this and you're probably like "you must have no life at all."   Iono... my weekends are usually pretty good, but those days in between get my mental motor running.  Or, perhaps I'm just plain mental.  Hahahahahahaha, I just love writing goofy things is all.  In fact, I'm due to go to a concert with a lady on Saturday.

A *country* concert!  Can you believe that business??   I've never been to a country show before.  Country isn't really the kind of music I listen to.  I like it all right, though.  It's a tad hokey, but that's all right with me.

AND, I forgot to add, I may go after a new bed at IKEA.   There are a lot of possible outcomes in play, but it should be fun.

I had never, at any point had literal intention to stuff my buddy a new one.  I was just being a joker, that is all.  I'm sorry for insinuating that any part of a friend's existence could be stuffed.  I made this tweet in error, and I intend to be more sensitive to what I say to people on a day to day basis.

You like hokey, fellas?  Go to this Thousand Oaks bar by the freeway called "Borderline."  Line dancing and doe-see-doe to your heart's content.  It has a reputation for being a redneck bar -- why was *I* there?  I went to get salsa dance lessons one day back in college.  It was fun!

Then I think the line dancing took over again.  Don't be intimidated -- Borderline is legitimate fun.  Try it!

Would it get awkward if you had a lady friend or some other girl you know and you took her to Hooters?  Now what if you just wanted to after the wings there and some beers?  This assumes the girl in question also likes Hooters wings and beer.

I'd like to shoot a round under-par someday.  I thought, if I just concentrate and put my effort into every hole, I'll do it.   Get in that shot off the tee, send it toward the hole and then make all your big putts.

All it takes is some concentration and a few breaks from the windmill at Golf N' Stuff.

That's all from here.  Have a good Wednesday!

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