Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 10th

Jordan Farmar AGAIN?  He sucked the first time, why do we need a sequel?  It's like "Grown Ups 2."


Many years ago, around 2004, I did intern work at KCLU, our local public radio station and the Radio Station of record for Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks.   We produced one local talk show hosted by our Program Director.  One day he was putting on a rerun, and he asked me to put on this recorded interview, and on the CD it said "Gallagher."  I said "This isn't the guy who smashes the watermelons is he? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha."  ....then I was informed that Gallagher himself did an interview with the P.D. recorded for future broadcast.  Oiiiiii...

Would you trust anyone named "Bugsy?"   Hard to shake the legacy of Mobster Bugsy Siegel.  However, I thought Mugsy Bogues was a pretty cool dude, nice guy, and for a guy that short, a great NBA player.

Was "Bugs Bunny" named independently or did the story of Bugsy Siegel play into his naming?  All he did though was get bad directions and eat carrots.  I doubt there was much mob influence on this one.

Daffy Duck... lived up to the name.

Porky Pig, oh he was porky all right!

Sylvester... no that's it.  I don't think they called him "Sylvester the Cat."  Such a shame, Warner Brothers unwilling to recognize his cat heritage.   It's ok, we all realized pretty quickly he was feline in nature.

Tweety Bird.   You ever wonder back in the day whether he was a little girl or a little boy?  The voice was pretty ambiguous, but ultimately we all realized he was a dude.   Now he was just a little guy, so I presume he was not an adult, but nonetheless a great character.

Yosemite Sam.   Dude was hilarious... feisty character for a guy so short.

Foghorn Leghorn could probably *eat* Yosemite Sam but he was a dopey guy too.  

I could go into this entire essay about how "Looney Tunes" and "Meerie Melodies" intended to have specific audiences and designs, i.e. Melodies was supposed to be built around a popular song of the day and use only one-off characters while Looney Tunes didn't have a musical tie in and used recurring characters, but I would then be underserving the intended audience.  I'll leave that debate to the cartoon die-hards.

Instead, I imagine most of you reading wondered what I ate last night!  Fear not, I have the answers...

Last night my destination was Enterprise Fish Company.   My buddy and I had a wild assortment of seafood: freshly fried calamari, chips and salsa, some sourdough bread, and for me, a fish sandwich.  Not just any fish sandwich -- oh no, we're talking about mesquite grilled fresh fish on a gourmet bun.  Fantastic, I would say.

I ordered this and the lady at the bar asked me if I wanted shoestring fries or steak fries, and early on I said shoestring fries but I quickly saw my error and changed to the steak fries.  The lady was ok with it because she didnt put the order into the computer yet.  Whew!

When you eat fish, like fish and chips, the only natural choice for fries here is steak fries.  The thick stocky, yet crispy fries, complement a filet of fish so well that the balance in your mouth feels so right.  Shoestring fries would have had very little potato content to work with to cleanse the palate before the fish entered your mouth.   Shoestring fries are very good, *but* they have a specific purpose: ribs, burgers, and the like.  Steaks and Fish are big time for steak fries. 

To aid my night I also ordered a 23 oz Sierra Nevada beer.  I really wanted the Fat Tire, but SN was both on tap and on special for 6 bones.  Done deal.  It was pretty good -- smooth.  Sierra Nevada was very popular at the bar, everyone ordered it.  I felt like I made the right choice.

You ever see those commercials with the imposter chickens trying to get a job at Foster Farms?  I don't follow their goal.  Do they *want* to be chopped up and served for cooking purposes?   Who would volunteer to give up their lives in any situation like that.  Yes, I'd like to have my head cut off...   sign me up!

This is the west coaster in commercials so most people don't even know what I'm talking about, so I shall offer an example:


The search for my new stereo amplifier continues.... not much information to give to you but I'm torn between several brands, old and new.   I was leaning towards a new one because I'm tired of all the experiments with products that could go out any minute.  I'm sure it's the same way with cars.  

and THAT is all I have for today.  Have a good one, y'all.  Til tomorrow.

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