Monday, July 1, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 2nd

Big news, everyone!

Last night, I assembled all my podcast equipment, and tested it successfully.  Do the dance!!

The way the schedule works out, I'm probably doing my first show tonight.  I want to do a show on Wednesday but there's no chance of that happening given that Junkie and I will both be unavailable.  Poor Junk Man is working big time in preparation for Independence Day.  I on the other hand will be at a Pre-Independence-Day-Plus-Coworker-Farewell Happy Hour-of-sorts in Little Tokyo, preceded by dinner at B.J.'s Brewhouse.  Very busy Wednesday ahead.   Basically, a Tuesday show makes more sense, since everyone else will be long gone from the office by the second half of the week.

So tonight!  Dave in the City Podcast!   Be there!  Time for some quickies...

You ever eat a chocolate treat, like say a chocolate based pie, or a choco bar, or something like that, and then drink some orange juice?   I can't believe how much I enjoy that -- I really shouldn't.  O.J. and Chocolate don't sound like they go together but to me it excites the palette.

Here's a question for you all:  why is the "palette" a term for your taste buds on your tongue?   It has nothing to do with the painter's palette does it?   The only similarity is that your tongue is divided into parts for different flavors?  Maybe that's where they were going?  That might make sense, actually.

Doesn't it trip you out that sweet can only be tasted at the front tip of your tongue?  What would happen if you got in a fight with somebody and the front tip of your tongue got busted up or cut off?  Not only would it hurt, but ice cream would be entirely tasteless!   I don't wish that on anybody.

 I hear this summer is the final season of "Dexter" a man that one show promo labeled, and I quote, "America's Favorite Serial Killer."

Now I understand the appeal of the show, but for goodness sake!  Can we use a more tactful term than "America's Favorite KILLER?"   These aren't McDonald's French Fries or RC Cola.   This is a TV show about a guy who goes out and stabs people for a *living.*  It's gruesome!  Electrifying as a fictitious piece but it's not as if anyone would actually invite Dexter to their house for cookies... not if they want to *live!*

I think Dexter dies at the end of the series.  How *else* would you end a show about a guy who does nothing but kill other people?   He has to die!  It would be the only fitting way to end.   If he just "stops killing" I'm going to be very disappointed, and I don't even watch "Dexter" on a regular basis.

I also had some Chick Fil-A yesterday.   Boy... it is quite good.  Let me tell you, quite good.  Just a regular chicken sandwich, but it was enough.  Who needs anything fancy on it when the chicken stands out?

Nothing is as insulting as those "cost of living raises" a company gives you.   Why even call it a raise?  A raise like that is just catching up to all the other rising costs around you.   Companies should just call those "pay evens" not "pay raises".

The worst thing about mosquito bites is that you don't know you have one until it's too late.  Suddenly you get this little sore bump on your arm and it's like "what the HELL man?   Couldn't I have had some warning?"  You don't see it or anything, all you get is the aftermath.  It doesn't even hurt as much as it annoys  me.

Speaking of Eagles songs as I did yesterday, one of my *least* favorite Eagles songs is "In the City."  Feels pretty uninspiring whenever I hear it.  A little over produced, perhaps.

I learned the hard way that a shower curtain only is as good as the rings you put on it.  I was dumb enough to buy the curtain and assume that it came with rings automatically.  Nope!  I gotta go back to the store and find a bunch of dopey rings too.  I'll figure it out eventually.

That's all for now, enjoy your Tuesday!

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