Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 1st

Sup fellas?

I put together a detailed recap of that night's "America's Got Talent" in my last blog entry and most people skipped over to my comments about fermented apples.  Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahaha, I thought that was awesome!

I know what my audience really wants.... they want cookies.


I have a "Toblerone" chocolate bar at my desk.  An co-worker on her way out gave it to me and I put it next to the chocolate truffles.   I can't eat the chocolate truffles -- its way too many calories per morsel so I am still sitting on those months later.   The Toblerone was more manageable.  Yesterday I went after a few pieces.  The day before I went after a few more.   Just a couple pieces at a time won't kill me.  I love a good round of Toblerone!

This would be a TRE-MENDOUS day for the Starbucks breakfast sandwich and Pike Place Roast.  Did I mention that yesterday?  Bah!  So be it...

One of my buddies wrote "I Like Steak" on Facebook.  This gives you an idea of the kind of buddies I have.  He is a good buddy.   A buddy of steak is a buddy of mine.

Coach, on the other hand can't eat steak.  He just doesn't like it.  Then I asked him about beer, and he doesn't like that either!  I always thought beer and steak were two of the fundamental building blocks of man.   To know someone who doesn't like either one is rare.  He'll eat red meat but usually tries to avoid it.

Coach is smart about all this.  Avoiding steak and beer are two keys to tremendous health.  I just couldn't avoid it completely myself.   Steak!  I mean its juicy, roasted, and succulent.  That is hard to say "no" to. 

I wonder if the Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich is out now at Carl's.  If it isn't, time to go make one!  Probably the strawberry pop tarts to start, and vanilla ice cream.

Here's a funny thing about Pop Tarts.  Am I right in stating the Pop Tart used to not have any frosting on them?  When I was a little kid, I remember there being numerous non-frosted pop tarts.  Maple I think, Strawberry, one other one.   Today, nearly ALL pop tarts have some form of frosting.   Was the regular pop tart too bland??

The America's Got Talent Results show as disappointing last night, to say the least.  The two stage performances by established acts Robin Thicke and Brad Paisley were awesome.  I'm referring to the voting results.  I don't even want to get into the deets because I have bored enough people with my #AGT opinions.

BUT... the group "Innovative Force" advanced, and congrats to them, but I saw them dance, and they were "Derivative Bore" to me.

B-OO-T-Y did *not* advance.  I think that's a disgrace.  I know it's just "one song" and theoretically you have no ceiling with that, but these guys were taking their one song and sending it to whole new levels.  They brought the HOUSE DOWN.   Are the people voting for these things watching the show?  It's their prerogative to vote but man... America's Voters let me down last night.

I got ten votes, and all ten of them went to Tone the Chiefrocca aka the inventors of the "B-OO-T-Y" song.  They were really good sports.  In fact, they had what some would call a "Vid" moment when they thought they were eliminated a step early.  

Usually at the end of the results show, you get three acts remaining, they vote one in, and the other two then are pitted to be selected by the judges.  If there's a judges tie, it goes to the total vote as all the previous acts did.  So "Forte", the opera singing group advances, and host Nick Canon sets up the final two candidates, but Tone actually thought he was bounced already!  He started congratulating Forte, gave them fist pumps and were about to leave but then towards the end Nick does the buildup.

So Tone goes over to Nick and says "I thought we were done."  HAHAHAHAHAHA,  Nick's like "You ain't done yet!!"

DAMN that would have been a great setup to them advancing, but no.   America voted for Angela the Female Caliendo instead.  I'm a fan of Angela's as well but she didn't bring the house down though... I gotta be fair!

If you could make a sandwich of anything using pop tarts, how would you play it?   A Pop Tart Pastrami?  Pop Tart and Peanut Butter?  Don't need the jelly, right?

Pop Tart toast with butter in the middle?  An atomic Pop Tart spicy chicken sandwich?  A Pop "Torta" with carne asada, avocado, and sour cream?

Pop Tarts, Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Banana.. the campfire sandwich.  What if you put salsa in between the pop tarts?  ooh, that wouldn't taste to good.

Know what?  in addition to the above, tonight might be a good night for souplantation.  If I bring a box of pop tarts to Souplantation, I can sneak in some soft serve onto some pop tarts for a special pop tart sundae, do the dance!

...granted, it works just as well with Souplantation's cookies.

There's a friend I know on Twitter who was really satisfied to have Girardi instead of Mattingly as the Yankees manager.  Hey listen, if ignorance is bliss, I'll leave him be.  Personally I think Mattingly's a much better manager than Girardi and that one's easy.  Less is more, my friends.

Imagine a taco the size of a whole *table!*   What a great meal that would be.   

That's all from here, goooooood morning everybody!

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