Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 22nd

I made the trip to Bludso's!!

I did a complete write up about it, and you can scroll down for the full review.  Check it out.

Now to some other stuff:

Congratulations to Phil Mickelson for winning the Open Championship.  What a great performance on Sunday with a final round 66.  Well done!

Why does One Direction's band logo not have an arrow in it?  It would have been perfect for the name!  Missed opportunity.

I don't know if this is true for the Starbucks in your area, but the one by me offers me a special deal for every purchase.  With my receipt, I can get a free refill for 50 cents for a same day purchase.  I also... get a deal, at least on Sunday, where I can get a grande blended beverage for two bucks!  Look at all this hidden value at the Starbucks.

I didn't take advantage of either of those, but boy is it great to have that power.

I went to a party yesterday and was asked to bring a dessert.  I selected a pack of Oreos and a bucket of Ice Cream.  Cookies... and cream!  Ah?????

I was checking out at the local store and the checkout lady was excited about the combination.  She said to me "Wow, Cookies and Ice Cream!  What party?  Am I invited?"

She would have been if it was my party, do the dance! seriously, it's a "1" and a "D".   From a distance it looks like "id".  I could have designed a way better logo.  Would they have settled for "1↑"?

I tried to look all over the place for the Alt-Code for that arrow symbol and couldn't get it to work, so I gave up and copied and pasted it instead.

You could make up a baseball stat for literally anything...  Saw this on twitter:

In Clayton Kershaw's career, Dodgers are 8-1 in games he starts with a chance to finish off a series sweep

This is a more conventional kind of trivia, but they have stats for people on 3 days rest, 4 days rest, coming off the DL, after a haircut, with a mustache, without a mustache, I mean you name it, they got it.   How do they keep track of it all?

Band names that are derived from verbs... Squeeze, Exile, Rush, Cream, Clash, there's a bunch of them.

Band names named after cities and states... Toronto, Chicago, Kansas, Boston, Alabama, Golden State, Lonestar, and on and on.

I had no point to this; it was fun to point out.

That's all from here, have a good Monday!

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