Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 11th

When you write blog entries every day, you're bound to have one that isn't that memorable.

I feel like today is going to be that entry.

I just don't have much to offer.  My night last night: I cooked two porkchops, did a great podcast with Brian in the City and Lou in Hoboken, brought in Junkie for Random Questions in Hour 2, watched America's Got Talent, and saw the Dodgers tie up the Dbacks in the ninth only to go a bunch of extra innings.  That game nearly put me to sleep!

There was this guy, Chris Withrow, who looked like a real clown, and he would go up every inning in extras and every inning I'd say "NOW he's going to give up the game!"  and every time he got out of it.  Well that is one for the books isn't it?  Withrow coming up huge despite falling behind hahahahah it seems like every batter.

The Dodgers, who as of this writing haven't finished the game yet, may not win on Wednesday but they sure had a fun time with it.   It's good to see.

Will we even remember Yasiel Puig's name in three years?  I have a legitimate worry that he's going to be long forgotten after that great first month.   That's just the "neurotic panicked baseball fan" in me this time.

I mean the Dodgers are here at the plate just waving the bat at the ball... doesn't even seem like they're trying to get on base or win the game tonight, but this doesn't bother me because LA already has the series, so this isn't a huge hurt if they lose game 3 with the D'backs.

You ever try to check the mailbox and there's no mail there?  Such a disappointing feeling!   Disappointment isn't it?

I'm very excited to tell you that for the first time, I will be the proud owner of a brand new (granted, refurbrished) stereo integrated amplifier!   It's old school isn't it?  Oh I know, everyone talks about how they have ipods and sound bars, but I still feel like a basic stereo amplifier and two speakers gives you sound ten times as good as any other source.  It's amazing.  You wouldn't even believe how good CD's sound on it!   LP records too.  One might have to have the ear for it but music comes alive on these great stereos.  

The nice thing with this purchase is that at last, I get a warranty for my product.  It's just a one year warranty but even one year will be a big boost if something breaks.

I was done with all the experiments, the noisy capacitors, the unbalanced sound levels, the lights that may or may not work (this was not the case when I had the Harman Kardon -- still miss that bad boy).  It was getting dangerous!  Too much buzzing or clipping noise will destroy my speakers permanently.  At any rate, the new amp is clean as a whistle and I look forward to welcoming it.

Couldn't believe it rained so hard in Santa Monica last night!  Can you believe it??

That's all from here.  Have a good Thursday everyone!

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