Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 12th

This has been a rough week, no doubt.  A long-time co worker died yesterday, I'm saddened to report (see the previous blog entry), and adding to that, I went home, very excited about my new stereo amplifier, and it's a lemon.

The damn thing shut itself off after I turned the volume up to 25% or 9 o'clock.  It didn't matter what kind of music I put on... soft music, hard music, or whatever, you turn it up, and after one loud drum beat or something BAM its off.

So I tried it with different speakers, then different speaker wires, then even a different power outlet and the results were the same for all of those tries.  Unbelievable!   This is why I was, in a sense, glad to purchase a new (albeit refurbrished) product from an official stereo dealer.   It protects against exactly this situation -- if it doesn't work, it's the company's responsibility to fix it!   No sunken money for the 'cow.

So, I wrote back to the store owner and will await a response.  I was detailed as possible with my trouble report.  More to come... I feel like they'll take care of me this time.

Yesterday Coach offered to join me at the Enterprise Fish company *again* for a double Happy Hour this week.  Usually I only do one Happy Hour a week, but given the circumstances, it was good to get out once more.   It was essentially the same itinerary, but I didn't do the fish sandwich this time... just appetizers and a different beer, Firestone DBA this time.

That was a nice change of pace.  Hopefully the week will end uneventfully.  We'll see my friends.

On Saturday I'm going to join my family for a trip to Dodger Stadium.  Ohhhh, what a time to go!   The Dodgers playing as well as they've been all year.  NOW... it might all turn on them by Saturday.  Who knows?  Maybe they lose the next three games, but up to now, they've looked pretty good.   Whether they win or not, it should be fun.  I can't wait to see my family again, even though I saw them last week.

I don't quite have the heart to use the same energy with the "quickies."   Little one liners on inane things.   but, let me give it a shot:

Yesterday I saw all these twitter mentions of "Sharknado".   Look, I know how things can turn popular on a dime... even Yasiel Puig managed to be an overnight sensation with twitter -- but -- "SHARKNADO?"   You sure this isn't a Conan skit?  What *is* it?  Actually, who cares... Let its audience have its fun, though.

It is *not* that hard to make good coffee... so how does my campus consistently make terrible coffee?  Every day!  You go over, they charge the same prices as Starbucks and it's 1/3 as good.   Would it kill them to just let Starbucks take over coffee operations?  Coffee Bean maybe, like USC does.   ...Maybe "Seattle's Best?"

I don't know where all this sentiment and sympathy for Brandon League comes from.  He was *always* a dope...  Does he have a good fastball?  Sure he does... but no fastball is going to be beyond its location.   Kid needs to PLACE it correctly and a two cent brain like his is not going to do it consistently.

I hear there are some people complaining about ESPN talking too much about the NBA.  Ah, would you relax?  I don't hear these same people complaining when ESPN spends 6 out of every 7 minutes debating shearn NFL topics.

What would happen if the groupies from Dan Patrick's Radio Show (or in his terms, the "Danettes") tried their own podcast.  I think one or two of them may have one but I mean what if ALL of them did their own show.  How *bad* would that be for radio?  Ohhh baby!   If you like unintentional humor that's the place to be.

I have never heard Bonnie Bernstein attempt a radio show until yesterday when she filled in for Dan Patrick.  If she can do a radio show, well, what would stop anyone else from doing a radio show?  She wasn't terrible...

Do not give up on popcorn pants!  I know some places switched to the box, but a few weeks ago I returned to Anaheim and the AMC Theater there and got the soft drink bags and showed the counter how to make new popcorn pants.   Do the dance!  Popcorn Pants are still in effect.

Would I get in trouble if I worked in In-N-Out and refused to wear the hat?  What if it gets in the way of my hair?  I'd be intrigued at management's response.

I still haven't eaten at Wendy's since I moved to Santa Monica -- or Father's Office for that matter.   This will be rectified soon my friends.

Hmm... it's a start, but it's coming along.  More goofy banter to follow on Monday.  Thanks very much for following the blog all these months, and I appreciate your patronage.   I hope you have a good weekend!

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