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Dave's Thoughts of the Day: July 19th

Happy Friday!

I have a tough time coming up with a single band to name as my favorite.  When you listen to music, your mood determines the style of music you listen to that day.   I'd be hard pressed to simply do one blanket band as the one that rises above the rest because I'm not always in the frame of mind to listen to a specific kind of music.

So, to answer the question you really want a group that was exemplary at performing every possible music genre there is.  To that end, my band is: Queen.

Did they have a miss anywhere?   From their first album up through "The Game" they were on FIRE... in some cases literally on fire.   I have yet to find anyone who actually hates them.   Pretty much anyone I know likes them, loves them, or is indifferent.  Technically a fantastic band... and artistically an inspiration to many, maybe even all, who ever listened to them.

This is an odd response considering the music I listen to most:  80's Pop and Rock music, with a lean toward Alternative Rock of the 80's.  Queen didn't have much of a say with that movement except for some notable exceptions:  "Another One Bites the Dust," "Radio Gaga," and "I Want to Be Free."

Lady Gaga's stage name is derived from the song "Radio Gaga"  as was told by Gaga herself and many others who associate with her.  It's quite a legacy, is Queen.

Now!  The answer to "What is your Favorite Song?" is easy.  I've listened to it 10,000 times and still haven't gotten tired of it.  To this day it is the only song I haven't gotten tired of at any point in time.  The song is: "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds.

Needless to say, as I was walking this morning with the radio on, the song came on and I was *doing the dance!*

I was a taken by surprise when I learned that Simple Minds themselves don't even care about the song that much.  I read that they just set up the song, played it a few times for the song recording and went about their business.  They were like "Here, Universal, go ahead and put this in your movie."  Then they forgot about it!  The song went on to be the biggest hit of their career.  Here in the USA, it peaked at #1.   Staggering results for a song thought as an "afterhtought."

The one reason why Simple Minds wasn't into it -- it technically wasn't their song.  It was written, at least in some form, by some other jokers from the "Breakfast Club" production crew or something and they wanted some other bands to do it including Billy Idol.   He and the other two guys (the guy from the Fixx and Brian Ferry) turned it down.  Simple Minds themselves turned it down!  They had to be convinced by their own record company to try it out.

It's really too bad Simple Minds abhorred the song so much... they *killed* every aspect of that song start to finish.   That tune was the defining song of a generation!  Haha, I will admit it was not my generation but I still enjoyed it immensely.

Would you believe I haven't even seen "The Breakfast Club" movie?  All this talk about the song from there, and I haven't seen the film it was made for.  Angsty movies aren't really my bag anyway, and John Hughes was pretty big on that.

I've seen quite a bunch of Hughes films:  Ferris Bueller, Planes Trains and Automobiles, and Home Alone (this was as much a Chris Columbus Film as it was Hughes).  I may have seen a good portion of "Weird Science."   The others I just hadn't gotten around to.

Anyway... "Don't You Forget About Me" is my favorite song, period.  I'm a big fan of it... hopefully I'll stay a big fan for a while.

This was such a high note, no pun intended, that I don't want to drag it down with more material.  Let me throw in a few quickies anyway:

I tried to search my own name, "Dave Medina" in Google Image search and I didn't find any pics of myself.  I *DID* find this!

Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha, the DAVE MEDINA BAND!!!  That is a riot!!!

Now friends, I'm sure you all wondered if you could find video of the "Medina Band" in action.  Yes you can!

I can't embed it due to YouTube restrictions.  This is fantastic... I'll go seek these guys out if they're in town and check out a concert.  I also like how the guy in the band's picture, above, on the right looks like Tank.  Hahahahahaha!!  No need to put Mike's face on that one!

People wonder if my laugh is real or fake... oh it's real baby.

Sometimes you'll get an email announcement for cookies at the main office, but sometimes it's the "boring cookies."  Like those wafer like cookies with very little sugar?  Or the Graham Crackers maybe?   That happened yesterday and I just peeked to make sure... and yes, it was the boring cookies.

That's no biggie.  It's still very nice for anyone to offer cookies for the office, even if they aren't my personal favorite cookies.

Now just a moment -- why would they call Graham *Crackers* "cookies?"  Isn't it more sensible to call 'em Graham Cookies?  This is all very mis-leading.  Yes, it looks like and feel like a cracker, but a cookie is a cookie.   We're not going around selling Ritz Cookies are we?

I have a party with my swim team on Sunday.  We're going to say farewell to our 6'4" assistant coach.  What a sad moment that she's leaving.  Sad for us, but great for her as she's finding graduate school in Vermont.  That's great news for our East Coast audience.  They may run into her.  People call her "Flamingo"...kinda looks like one too actually.

I even asked her once on Facebook what the "Flamingo" part of her name meant and yes, she corroborated it had to do with her physical likeness to that of a flamingo.

I thought *maybe* I saw her at the bookstore on campus the other day, but I was not about to go clear across the bookstore and flag her down lest I look like a total creep.  I'll get to see her at the farewell party and possibly during the Friday swim.  Stay tuned.

Ooh right!  We're also going to say goodbye to another fella who'd been on the team a while as a swimmer.  He's been all right... definitely supportive of the club and even of my own goober efforts as a developing swimmer.   We'll miss him too.

SongPop is so crazy now.  When I upgraded to VIP membership I got the chance to challenge and be challenged by 9x more people than I do now.  At least it feels like 9x more challenges.  Oh it is a scene!  Now I wonder if I will ever finish out all my challenges within a week.   Tons of fun.

I should mention I tried the combo burger at Marty's, a Hot Dog on top of a Hamburger, and it was phenomenal.  I added chili and cheese to the burger with grilled onions.  Loved it!

This might be a Tito's Tacos kind of a weekend but I'm also not letting go of my quest for Bludso's BBQ, probably against everyone's better judgement.  Might try for a Bludso's run on Saturday.

Knowing LA Traffic, it could be just as good as a Bludso's "crawl."

and speaking of "crawl" today at work may be dragging by.  I have that feeling but hope you all get that good feeling for the weekend.  Have a good Friday!

PS:  I'm telling you guys... that guy in the "Dave Medina" band in that pic looks like Franceser... here's a shot of him rocking the bass.

I'm laughing my butt off!  Ok fellas, have a great weekend...

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