Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dave's 2012 NFL Playoff Predictions (sorta)

By goofing around with ESPN's wonderful "2012 NFL Playoff Machine" I made predictions for every single game in every single week starting now and going through Week 17.  Here are the playoff brackets!

[Click on the image above to view the brackets in larger size.]


1. Houston (15-1)
2. Baltimore (13-3)

6. Indianapolis (10-6) vs. 3. Denver (12-4)
5. Pittsburgh (11-5) vs. 4. New England (11-5)


1. San Francisco (13-2-1)
2. Chicago (13-3)

6. New Orleans (10-6) vs. 3. Atlanta (12-4)
5. Green Bay (11-5) vs. 4. New York Giants (10-6)

This won't be even close to what happens, but it'll be fun to follow.  I got a little biased picking the Saints and Colts to win virtually every game.   This playoff bracket will be interesting once we see the actual results.  Enjoy.

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