Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 27th

Hello friends...

My swimming has taken a dive lately, no pun intended.    First it was the short week, and now it's my flu.  It's a lesser flu but I can sense that I'll get wiped out if I attempt any strenuous activity.  Going up the stairs this morning, I could feel some of that fever working its way back but then once I slow down I'm fine.

I'd like to get back to it though... I know I'll gain many pounds if I stop.   Sad situation really.

Think about this though... what would I have to eat in order to maintain my current body mass without exercise?   It'd have to be maybe 3/4 or 2/3 as much as I have now.   Very lame.

All right, so there's this goofball out there who's trying to imitate me without even knowing it, and he has his own blog, and youtubes no less!  The man lives in Austin, TX, and I gotta tell you, his blog is a hoot!


Check it out!   His ideas are brilliant... try to go to various places and make an outrageous request and expect a rejection.  Sometimes they hook him up.  It's a great read, and I highly recommend it.   I want to thank my buddy "Ottis" for recommending it as well.

I'm just going to go out there and say it right now:  Colin Kaepernick is the next 49ers Quarterback.   They *might* go with Alex Smith this week but he's going to get burned sooner or later.  All Kaepernick does is keep his team in the game and make good plays here and there.  He's not great... he's not Aaron Rodgers, but he's a terrific fit and he has a better arm too.  Now I tried to give him a few more games, but he's just been too good.  I'll give him one more and if he does well I think it's official.

Why is it that the best albums have 92 different versions of it on CD or LP?   Anyone ever see the number of different releases and remasters for "Pet Sounds" from the Beach Boys.  I counted about a dozen, or roughly the same number of tracks that were on the original record.  They even had a version of it that was an add on to another LP the Beach Boys released in the seventies.  Yet, I'm told that's the best sounding copy.   It's so weird.

I've had a HUGE hankering for a porterhouse steak, in the style of the old Peter Luger's steakhouse in Brooklyn.  Funny thing?  I currently have a wad of cash that could buy one at Peter Lugers.   Instead, however, I'll not attempt a flight to Brooklyn and just go after a local steakhouse that serves steak LIKE Peter Luger's.  In fact there's a Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.  Now would I attempt to eat a "Steak for 2" by myself?  Stranger things have happened, my friends!

That's all for the moment.  I still need to get that little christmas tree for the apartment.  Stay tuned!

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