Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm banned! Congrats Notre Dame.

I'm instituting a self-ban from a certain message board for an undetermined amount of time.  Similar to the Yankee ban, this is voluntary, and I won't go longer than a week.

I did people wrong this weekend by trying to intentionally jinx Notre Dame and it bit me back in the ass in a big way.   It wasn't right, it was a dopey idea, and actually, I'm glad it blew up in my face.  I had it coming.

Notre Dame fought off what has been called the "Dave Mush" and beat Pitt 29-26 in 3 overtimes.  To do this, they had to overcome a 20-6 deficit in the second half.  Luck also had to bounce their way.  Such is the Irish.  It's not called "luck of the Irish" for nothin'!

Anyway, with this, combined with Oregon's unconvincing defense at USC, it seems that the Irish might actually make an even better case for the National Championship game.

As for myself, I'll hang out here on the blog and will continue to haunt twitter/facebook if you need me:

Plus, we'll keep doing the DITC podcasts on Monday and Wednesday nights.

It's not so much "shame" that is keeping me from the undisclosed message board.  I've just been worn out by all the Notre Dame stuff lately.   I've been worn out by other little things too.  The Lakers have worn me out.  The mediocrity of the NFL has worn me out.  My lousy fantasy team has worn me out.  Sports in general have worn me out.  I didn't realize how much commitment it was to keep up with all the sports, but perhaps some time off will help.  I'd like some more time to devote to little silly things like playing SongPop, eating cookies, and listening to some records/CD's in the bedroom.  So, I ain't going nowhere, just taking a mini-virtual-vacay.  And, if anyone wants me back at the board, I'll be back soon enough. 

I mean, when I read the quote "Dave has lost a viewer for life," I'm not sure what else to do.  Peace out, homies.  More blog fun to come on Monday.

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Dave Medina said...

I should mention, the Giants World Series win has worn me out too. The Dodgers' continued incompetence, going after Mark McGwire for a hitting coach, has been a chore to stomach. Oi.