Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 14th

MLB has to do something about Jeffrey Loria.   He is ruining the spirit of competition in baseball.  To trade away the ENTIRE TEAM... for the third time that I can remember, the first time being around 2004 after the World Series Title, and the second time being about 2007 when they traded Miguel Cabrera and possibly others.  I don't need to write out who they traded: they traded *every* available useful player on the roster except Ricky Nolasco!  (What a cruel joke, by the way, if they save Nolasco for a trade with the Dodgers.  I'm moving to Nebraska if that happens, oi)

Loria is a joke.  The Marlins are a joke, and they LITERALLY, **LITERALLY** hosed all of Miami out of millions of taxpayer dollars for that stadium.  To coerce its citizens, many of whom don't care about baseball, to pay out for this gaudy edifice, only to not deliver its end of the bargain and dump all it's big players after only a year is literally a crime to me.  IT IS A CRIME.   I don't want to drag down my podcast tonight talking about this, but I am upset.   Not only should MLB step in and take action, but I really think the Securities and Exchange commission should have a hand in it.  This is almost worse than insider trading.  It's as big a heist as "Ocean's Eleven."

It's honestly very hard to take MLB seriously right now.   It allows way too many of these scumbag money grubbing owners to survive and thrive.  Maybe baseball should never have expanded to these joke markets in the first place.   I barely see anyone go to Diamondbacks games.   The Tampa Bay Rays very existence is in question.   Miami didn't even hold onto much of its opening night buzz and wound up being a pretty empty stadium by the end of the season.  Incidentally, as far as the Blue Jays, who received all these Marlin players in the trade, what is the use of having the Blue Jays in MLB?

The Blue Jays are just good enough to be around .500 but never good enough to do anything else.  I am sick of people who keep moaning "if the Blue Jays were in another division they'd go to the playoffs easily."  Yeah?  How about they actually GO TO THE PLAYOFFS first?   The Orioles and Rays had no problem making the playoffs in the all-important AL East.   Maybe the Blue Jays just aren't that good, have we considered this hypothesis?

Well... not anymore, but they used to "not be that good."  Today, they look like a pretty good baseball team.  That really puts the Blue Jays out of excuses: they have no excuse to miss the playoffs in 2013.  Not only do they have their regular starters AND Josh Johnson, but I believe they still have Colby Rasmus, Miguel Bautista, AND Jose Reyes.  Wow!  The Blue Jays have zero excuse to miss the playoffs now.  Zero.

Look at this, five paragraphs on baseball.  I had no idea this was coming.

Last night, I had spicy pork ramen noodles and paid the price... it was 2am in the morning, and I had some "unfinished business."  Those were good noodles though; a shame it had to come to that.

Last night I also had the privilege of watching the new James Bond movie entitled "Skyfall."  That's a good movie, I recommend everyone to see it.

Word on the street is that Mike D'antoni is due to coach his first game on Friday.  I don't think it's worth squabbling about the hire much longer.  The point of all this is: this Lakers team is going to be fun.  Win or lose, this will be entertaining, possibly for the right reasons, and possibly for the wrong reasons, the Lakers will be exciting.   I'm not even worried about "championships" or "dignity" at this point.  I'd say just buckle up and enjoy the ride.  It could be a thrill ride!

An unusual circumstance has yielded one of the more fun ideas in theater concessions.  Most of the time when you go to the theater and share a popcorn you ask for a box so that you can use it for some of the popcorn.  The AMC near me was out of boxes!  Instead, they offered this really unusual bag that was designed to hold soft drinks.  However, they offered to pour extra popcorn in it for free.  Now how cool was that?  Then I got it, and it looked so funny.  Folks, I introduce to you....  POPCORN PANTS:

Now that is a hoot, isn't it?

One of the top four in College Football went down this weekend.  So I wonder, who's next?   I'm guessing Oregon is next, but who knows, everyone?  Who knows?  If Alabama can go down, pretty much anyone else could as well.  I do love this layer of suspense and danger in the BCS Top 3.  No one is safe!  Not even Kansas State.

That's all I have.   Time to jet for now.  I will catch you all tomorrow.

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