Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 15th

Busy day ahead, so all I have today are quickies.

How long can sandwich meat keep?  People have given me answers ranging from 3 days to two weeks.   I think it's closer to 3 days with the Boar's Head meat.   I had some amazing brisket that I purchased on Sunday but it is now Thursday and it's starting to go bad.  It's really such a shame... that meat is so good.  I threw all the remaining meat on the last sandwich which I have in my possession.  Do I chance it and eat the sandwich or just let it go?   I think I'm going to chance it.

Speaking of "close shaves" I sucked it up and cooked my usual Linguine with Marinara last night before the podcast.  It didn't give me much time to eat it, in between setting up the podcast and recording the promo for "Football Pick'em" but I pulled it off.  I was proud of that, honestly.  I saved about 4-5 bucks by doing that instead of just getting fried chicken.

I let the Linguine cook a little longer this time, so about 12 minutes instead of 9 in the boil and I loved it!   It probably was not Al Dente, but it was dentelicious!  --if that makes any sense.

Gobble countdown is at 7 days.  Amazing!  We are this close to my favorite of the Holidays.

This year I seem to care a little less about the NFL games next Thursday.  The bottom line is that the games just aren't that good.    I like Houston/Detroit all right, but then after that it's Redskins/Cowboys (again?  I'd rather watch curling), and Pats/Jets which used to be good but now is a total joke.  With that said, I feel like the best strategy is to ignore the Cowboy game and then just hold out for Pats/Jets at night.   I'd rather not suffocate the rest of the family with non-stop football on TV.

I used to think "Squeeze Box" was about an accordion but... you know the rest!

I kid!  I knew the whole time what the "Squeeze Box" was... Roger Daltrey ftw.

Survivor:  not nearly as hectic as last night but I'll tell you what, hopefully without spoiling anything: Abi showed her true colors.  NOBODY likes Abi.  End of story.   The only reason she's gone as far as she has to this point is because she's viewed as a non threat.  There is no way she's winning the contest.  Zero.  Unfortunately her presence is bringing down the show.  She sucks.   Can I just say that?  Abi sucks!   I hope one day Penner or even Blair, ahem sorry, Lisa schools Abi and takes her to the cleaners.  Enough!

What would CBS be willing to entertain to trade Abi to "The Big Bang Theory" for Sheldon Cooper? At least Sheldon is entertaining.

There is still a lot of debate on the usage of tater tots.  Are they a breakfast food or a lunch food?   You make the call!

The Beatles' new Vinyl Re-Releases are making a big splash in the music industry.   I had an idea, on that note.  What I thought of doing was purchasing one of the later albums in stereo so that I can get an idea what the look, feel, and sound, of these new editions are like.  My choice will be "The Beatles" aka the White Album.   I think that particular album will be close to 30 bucks, however, due to it being a double.

I believe that's all the time I have today.   Have a good Thursday!

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